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Adrianne Palicki Is ‘Wonder Woman’

‘Lone Star’ actress has a history of playing DC characters, including Kara Kent

The star search for the next Amazonian Princess has come to an end, with Adrianne Palicki landing the role of Diana Prince … otherwise known as ‘Wonder Woman.’

During the casting process, the ideal actress for the role was described as a “muscular actress in her late 20s to 30s with flowing black hair and blue eyes who is able to kick butt.” Palicki, who was recently seen in the short lived series “Lone Star,” has impressed producers enough to land the title role.

Of course, this isn’t Palicki’s first foray into the DC universe. The actress previously appeared in “Smallville” as Kara Kent (otherwise known as Supergirl) during the shows third season. However, at the time Warner Bros. were still trying to get “Superman Returns” together and so there was something of an embargo put on “Smallville,” limiting their use of other comic characters.

Palicki was therefore introduced as a small-town girl who had been possessed by the essence of Kara in order to force Clark closer to his destiny (and allowing Laura Vandervoort to take on the role in the seventh season). From there, the actress also landed a small role as a Siren in the “Aquaman” pilot … a project starring “Smallville’s” Justin Hartley which never went to series.

The new “Wonder Woman” series, which is based on a script by “Ally McBeal” writer David E. Kelley, will introduce not one but three identities for the character. In the comics, Diana Prince was the civilian identity of Wonder Woman. That will hold true in the upcoming series but Diana will also be known as Diana Themyscira, the chief executive officer of Themyscira Industries.

Jeffrey Reiner, who has previously directed episodes of NBC’s “The Event,” has signed on to direct the pilot episode.

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