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‘Wonder Woman’ Will Wrestle With Three Identities

Every alter-ego will also have its own love interest

Adapting a DC comic property for the small screen is no easy task. But already “Wonder Woman” is receiving a mixed reaction from fans of the Amazonian Princess.

And now the latest snippets leaking out about the series have given readers more reasons to worry.

NBC has revealed that the new series, which is based on a script by “Ally McBeal” writer David E. Kelley, will introduce a third identity for the heroine. In the comics, Diana Prince was the civilian identity of Wonder Woman. That will hold true in the upcoming series. However Diana will also be known as Diana Themyscira, the chief executive officer of Themyscira Industries.

But just to complicate things, Diana will have a love interest for each of her identities.

Diana Themyscira will become close to her confidante Henry Demeter, Diana Prince will be on the radar of Ed Indelicato (who helps her with his ties to local police), while Wonder Woman herself hits it off with Steve Trevor.

Casting is still underway for each role with wild speculation ranging from “Smallville’s” Erica Durance to “Transformers” star Megan Fox as being candidates for the title role. Realistically, it is too soon to even speculate on who will become the new face of the comic book property as producers have only recently commenced a casting search for the lead.

Eligible actresses are being described as a “muscular actress in her late 20s to 30s with flowing black hair and blue eyes who is able to kick butt.”

Contrary to previous reports, director McG has passed on the option to helm the pilot episode due to a scheduling conflict. Jeffrey Reiner, who has previously directed episodes of NBC’s “The Event,” has signed on to re-introduce “Wonder Woman” to the small screen.

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