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Russell T. Davies Finished With ‘Torchwood’?

Series creator may even leave the world of science-fiction altogether

By all accounts, “Torchwood” is still a very new show.

To date, the spinoff of “Doctor Who” is made-up of 31 episodes, with another 10 on the way … not much more than what you would expect to see on a couple of seasons of a traditional American science-fiction series.

However, being a British series that is constantly able to re-invent and define itself, “Torchwood” has only just commenced filming of its fourth season, once again taking a different approach to storytelling. But this might already be the end of the line for series creator Russell T. Davies.

Davies, who not only resurrected “Doctor Who” in 2005 but also turned it into the BBC’s strongest franchise, has admitted that he feels he has reached the end of his journey in the genre.

“It’s interesting as to how long I can stay in the science-fiction world,” he said. “Personally I think I’m coming to the end of it now and I’ve saved the world and blown up the world too many times.”

If Davies does bid Team Torchwood adieu at the end of the season, it means four could be his magic number. At the end of the fourth season of “Doctor Who,” Davies tied up his era on the long-running series with a handful of special episodes leaving his successor, popular Whovian writer Steven Moffat, with a blank canvas to craft his own show.

Should Davies indeed decide to leave “Torchwood” behind him, he plans on leaving the series in the strongest position possible.

“It’s time to write something just where people talk in kitchens, at least for me,” he said. “But I hope we literally leave the franchise in a very strong position [so] that other writers come in and take it over.”

He seems already comfortable in leaving “Torchwood” in the hands of others. Davies brought in a whole crew of writers for the upcoming season of Torchwood, including genre favorites Jane Espenson and John Shiban.

“Torchwood: Miracle Day” is expected to air on BBC and Starz this Spring.

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