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‘Torchwood’ Will Remain Faithful To ‘Doctor Who’

Shows are unlikely to cross over, but will respect each another

Despite being a spinoff, “Torchwood” has always respected the mother series that gave it life. And The Doctor has always been a central point in Capt. Jack’s life.

However, when “Torchwood” returns for its fourth season as a joint venture with an American cable channel, the show may be seen to stand a little more apart from “Doctor Who” as it continues to evolve and tell its own stories without The Doctor’s influence.

“It’s quite difficult to coordinate any sort of crossover,” series creator Russell T. Davies told Ology. “Neither would you want to, because both shows have a fantastic identity of their own. But for those fans who like that sort of stuff, it’s still absolutely faithful.”

What does this mean exactly? Well, “Miracle Day” is likely to be of a similar nature to “Children Of Earth” – a self-sustaining adventure that operates within the existing mythology of the greater Doctor Who universe. In the 2009 miniseries, homage was paid to “Doctor Who” by way of a video message recorded by Gween Cooper (Eve Myles) who ponders why Earth was abandoned by The Doctor in its time of need.

In the new season, the Earth will again face a global threat that will shatter the very meaning of human existence … everyone will live forever. No one grows old, no one dies and everyone continues their life at the age they are now.

“Capt. Jack is immortal, and what we are talking about is the world turns immortal,” Davies said. “There’s an awful lot of story packed into that … There’s no break in continuity. There’s no fracturing. There’s fewer references to ‘Doctor Who,’ because we are making a show out here [in the United States], they are making a show in Britain.”

No airdate has been confirmed for the series, but shooting on the 10-part series is already underway. The series is expected to be broadcast on BBC One and Starz in the summer.

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