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New Year, New Names For Airlock Alpha

PLUS: New editor named for Inside Blip

If it’s good enough to be the home of Capt. James T. Kirk for 80 years in “Star Trek Generations,” why can’t it be the name of a company?

That’s what Airlock Alpha is going to find out.

Michael Hinman, who founded Airlock Alpha (as SyFy World) in 1998, announced that the popular science-fiction online magazine along with sister publications Rabid Doll and Inside Blip, are now under a new corporate ownership.

Nexus Media Group Inc. was formed at the beginning of the year, replacing Quantum Global Media Inc. Like QGM, the new Nexus Media is owned by Hinman.

“It’s not really a new ownership, just a change in our corporate structure,” he said. “Sometimes you need to try a couple of times to get everything right, and that’s what we’re doing.”

The name is derived from Genre Nexus, the new name of the three online publications will now be called. It replaces “BlipNetwork,” which was based on the Inside Blip television news magazine that was started in 2009.

Despite the name changes, not much else is expected to change. However, reviews posted on all three publications will undergo a facelift in 2011. However, details of that will come later in the month.

In one final announcement, Hinman also announced a new news editor for Inside Blip. Robert Yaniz Jr., a columnist and news writer for Genre Nexus for nearly two years, has taken the reins at Inside Blip.

Yaniz, who is from the Tampa, Fla., area not far from where Nexus Media is based, joins Rabid Doll editor Bryant Griffin and Airlock Alpha editor Alan Stanley Blair on the management team.

Nexus Media is based in Tampa, where all three online magazines were founded. Hinman is the site coordinator for all three publications.

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