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‘Caprica’s’ Final Five Are The Best

EXCLUSIVE: Could actor Ryan Robbins also make an appearance in ‘Blood and Chrome’?

Much to the distain of its viewers, “Caprica” has been yanked from Syfy’s schedules, with many fearing that “Stargate: Universe” could be next.

And, as if to make the already bitter decision that much harder for the fans, Syfy has held back the conclusion to the series until 2011. But what will probably hurt more is that, according to actor Ryan Robbins (who plays Diego on the series), those episodes are actually the best that “Caprica” has to offer.

“That was a great character and I hope everybody gets to see it because unfortunately those last five episodes that Syfy pulled are probably the five best episodes of the season ironically,” Robbins told Airlock Alpha. “The last episode was so great. And I’m not just saying that because I was in it, I watched the episode ’cause I’m in Canada and I can see it. It was such a good episode and I hope everybody can see it.”

Syfy insist that the episodes will be aired in 2011, however some fans have their doubts and are banking on a DVD release next month to deliver what closure the cancellation of “Caprica” can offer. In those episodes, Robbins (who has already appeared in both the “Battlestar Galactica” miniseries and the full series) will play Diego, a new “badass” character who is central to the religious aspects of the series.

However, having such a familiar face on Syfy meant that his image needed some work before he was ready for his stint on “Caprica.” Fortunately, his work on “Riese: Kindgom Falling” (which is now available on Syfy Rewind) meant that he already had an edgier look that fit perfectly with the role.

Just like in “Battlestar Galactica,” the series features polytheists who believe in many gods as well as monotheists who believe in the one true god (just like Baltar and the Cylons in BSG). Diego is the military leader of the monotheists and his presence will be felt in those final episodes.

“The thing with ‘Caprica’ is that we wanted to find a way to have me be unlike any other character that I’ve played because I’ve done a few shows now for the network,” Robbins said. “They didn’t want me to be like Henry, they didnt want me to be like Charlie Connor from ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ they really wanted something different. I was filming ‘Riese’ at the time and so took elements of Rand and put them into the character of Diego because I already had the look going for me and we just rolled with it.”

From the get-go, “Caprica” was always an ambitious premise – a prequel to a critically acclaimed and much-adored series that would change the tone and pacing that made that series such a success. Although it retained the critical adoration, viewership dwindled on a near weekly basis and eventually Syfy pulled the plug.

Robbins, however, insists that the “Caprica” concept was a sound one, likening it to a comic book story.

“If you loved ‘Battlestar Galactica,’ ‘Caprica’ is just such a great show because it’s like an origins story,” he said. “As a comic book fan, I love an origins story.”

It is unlikely that the character of Diego will ever make an appearance in the upcoming Battlestar Galactica series “Blood & Chrome” (which was seemingly designed to be a “Caprica” backup). However that doesn’t rule Robbins out from having yet another role in the Battlestar Galactica franchise as he could easily reprise a part that was essential in setting up the show in the 2003 mini-series.

In the opening scenes, Robbins played the Armistice Officer that was killed by Six, and essentially acted as the opening salvo of the second Cylon war.

“I get asked that a lot and I’d be honored to do ‘Blood and Chrome,”‘ Robbins said. “The funny thing is actually because we established me as the Armistice Officer in ‘Battlestar Galactica’ and he’s an old man, during the Cylon wars he’s actually a young soldier. I mean this is just me and fans. Everybody has been spit balling on how I would be on ‘Blood & Chrome.’ That just seems to be the funny logical thing.”

However, his character also had a secondary purpose : his death orphaned Boxey and left him onboard the Galactica.

“We’d written in the miniseries that my character, the Armistice Officer, is actually Boxey’s dad which is kinda fun,” he said. “In the miniseries he was played by this great young actor named Connor Widdows. There’s a picture of him and the woman that played his mother on my desk, and so he’s supposed to be Boxey’s father. But between the miniseries and the series the actor had just grown up so much that he wasnt really a little kid anymore so they didn’t end up having him as a kid on the series.”

The remaining episodes of “Caprica” are expected to air sometime in 2011 but will be released on DVD before the Christmas holidays.

Riese: Kingdom Falling is now available at Syfy Rewind with new episodes being added on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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