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Stargate Gamemaker Wins Court Ruling, Loses License

It’s a win-lose for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, and for fans

There won’t be a Stargate online roleplaying game in the near future, even if the game’s developer won a key court ruling.

An Arizona judge says Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment legally owns all the assets of the Stargate Worlds massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and that a rival company group formed through some of Cheyenne’s former employees didn’t have the right to the software.

No sooner did Cheyenne win the rights back to its forever-in-development game when Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, the studio that owns the Stargate franchise, yanked the Arizona software developer’s license, essentially killing Stargate Worlds. MGM had issued the license in 2006, and while it does take years to develop MMORPGs, the missed deadlines, the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection filed by Cheyenne earlier this year, and the increasingly slow development of the game apparently forced MGM to lose confidence, according to Jayson Peters of the East Valley Tribune in Arizona.

Cheyenne Mountain had filed a complaint against Dark Comet Games and Fresh Start Studios, claiming the companies were illegally trying to obtain assets of Cheyenne Mountain. Dark Comet and Fresh Start reportedly tried to move everything out of Cheyenne Mountain’s offices in February, but executives at Cheyenne Mountain were able to stop it after involving local police.

Gary Whiting, the head of Cheyenne Mountain, told Peters — who writes the Nerdvana column for the paper — that the license MGM granted the company would expire in November, and even if the license wasn’t renewed, Cheyenne Mountain would be allowed to continue selling its non-online game Stargate: Resistance, which was rushed to production just before Cheyenne Mountain filed for bankruptcy protection.

Whiting compared the hostile takeover attempt by Dark Comet to what happened to Tony Starke in “Iron Man.”

“They took everything I owned, and they took … besides my personal property, they took my good name,” Whiting told Peters. “When I watched ‘Iron Man,’ that was my life right there on the screen because of what these guys did to me.”

MGM has not indicated whether it will award a new gaming license for its Stargate franchise, so for now, it looks like Stargate: Resistance is it.

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