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‘The Incredible Hulk’ Could Return To ABC

Marvel Television pushing forward with two live-action small screen shows

If you’re already psyched that DC Comics’ Wonder Woman franchise is being prepped for a small-screen outing, you’ll surely get a kick out of the latest comic book news.

ABC is pushing forward with a new “The Incredible Hulk” series. On television.

The green giant that struggled in two-big screen adaptations (one starring Eric Bana and another with Ed Norton) is now being developed as part of Marvel Television’s plan to break into live-action entertainment, and is one of two projects currently on the roadmap.

Jeph Loeb, who was heavily involved in “Smallville” for what was then The WB network, is currently in control of both projects as the head of Marvel Studio’s television division, with “Hulk” still seeking a showrunner to guide it to long-term fruition.

The second series in the pipeline is “Cloak and Dagger” which could be part of ABC Family’s lineup.

A list of comic properties that would be suitable for small-screen development have been circulating within ABC since May and is said to have included “Ka-Zar,” “Moon Knight” and “Punisher.”

Although “Hulk” and “Cloak and Dagger” were chosen, there is still talk that “Punisher” (which also has had two big-screen efforts) could be developed as a cable-based series.

With such a vast catalog at their disposal, developing multiple series could work in Marvel Television’s favor with the possibility of crossover adventures similar to what is currently being done with the feature films.

Already the ground work has been laid for “The Avengers” movie with Tony Stark appearing in “Hulk” and Thor’s Hammer being introduced at the end of “Iron Man 2.”

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