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Jackson Won’t Let ‘Fringe’ Turn Into ‘Sliders’

It’s not just past, present and future … it’s also the Over There

If you keep up with Joshua Jackson news (and who doesn’t?), then you already know he took this year’s San Diego Comic-Con by storm with his one-man show, Pacey-Con — a fan convention dedicated to Pacey Whitter, Jackson’s “Dawson’s Creek” character and the self-proclaimed greatest television character of all time.

It was a hit, of course, and since there’s no longer a need for Comic-Con, “[i]t can just be Pacey-Con all the time.”

There’s the slight chance Joshua Jackson might be living in his alternate universe.

After a little discussion of his past work and an apology for the fifth season of “Dawson’s Creek,” Jackson did discuss a few relevant things regarding the current season of “Fringe” on Fox, which he describes as now being something akin to two different shows.

“We have the Over There side as they’re dealing with their version of the Fringe incidents,” Jackson said. And “the Over Here side is where we’re dealing with ours.” It’s an ambitious concept, and as far as Jackson knows, this is the way the show will be for the rest of the season, if not the series.

But don’t assume this means even more ambition in the forms of other alternate worlds. For Jackson, even though “Fringe” has set up the possibility an infinite amount of the alternate worlds, it possibly becomes too convoluted and unfocused.

“It becomes that Jerry O’Connell show, ‘Sliders’,” Jackson joked to Zap2it.

Perhaps that’s the case, or perhaps it’s just because he prefers the father/son relationship aspect of “Fringe.” Jackson claims that it’s amazing to have this sort of dynamic in a background of a science-fiction show with a female lead, and that getting to work with John Noble is basically a breath of fresh air.

“I got all my romantic, angsty bullshit out of my system years ago,” he said.

Hopefully there’s a little bit of that “romantic, angsty bullshit” left for the inevitable reveal of Fauxlivia’s duplicitous nature later this season, though.

“Fringe” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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