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Supergirl To Teach Superman To Fly?

Up, up and away … Laura Vandervoort teases her upcoming return to ‘Smallville’

It looks like spandex is in when “Smallville” returns for its final season later this week on The CW.

Not only will Tom Welling’s Man of Steel be sporting his red and blue tights this year, but his cousin, Kara Zor-El (otherwise known as Supergirl), may very well be doing it, too.

Actress Laura Vandervoort, who is currently known as the Visitor Lisa on ABC’s “V,” recently teased that her Supergirl fans will enjoy her return to the Superman-in-training series … an episode which is aptly titled, “Supergirl.”

“I think you’re going to have to watch [the] episode to discover whether or not I’m in the Supergirl costume,” she said in a CW video. “I can tell you that [fans] may be in for a great surprise.”

When we last saw Kara of Krypton, she was leaving Earth to find the lost city of Kandor and try to locate any other survivors from the El bloodline. Despite a frenzied Kandorian plot in the ninth season, there was little word on how her quest was progressing. And, rather than develop another grandiose arc for the series to explore, her return to Smallville will be a more personal story for the two Kryptonian heroes. But, don’t worry … there will be plenty of reveals on what lies beyond Earth’s skies.

“This [episode] is a coming-of-age for Kara,” she said. “She’s matured [and] she’s older. You will get a lot of answers about where she’s been and what she’s discovered.”

However, the most interesting development of all is that the episode will finally put the missing piece into Clark’s superpower line-up … flight.

“She’s going to teach Clark a few lessons, and one lesson in particular that everyone has been wanting her to teach him,” she teased. “She’s here to support him and help him discover who he is and who he can be.”

“Smallville” returns for its 10th season on Sept. 24 on The CW.

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