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Fans Led Allison Mack Back To ‘Smallville’

Actress will return for five episodes in final season

Last year, “Smallville’s” Allison Mack became a superhero in her own right.

Her character, Chloe Sullivan, has served the Man-of-Steel faithfully since “Smallville’s” first episode, and even managed to become a force for good in the city of Metropolis without the assistance of any super powers or special abilities. Well, all good things must come to an end and the upcoming 10th – and final – season will bid adieu to Chloe’s as “big sister” on the series and Mack will step down to a recurring role.

Fans of the character we devastated to learn that she would not return full time for the final season of the show, but Mack insists the decision was hers and she feels like it was the right time to depart. However, fans of the character should take comfort in knowing that they are the reason she will return to the show at all.

“I was very much ready to move on, and not because I was unhappy with the show or that anything bad happened, I was just very much ready to enter a new phase of my life,” Mack said.

Earlier this year, Mack’s fans banded together to show their appreciation for her efforts on the series by creating a special tribute commercial that would air in the Los Angeles area. The commercial, which can be viewed at Legendary Chloe, featured discussions on what made the character so unique and integral in the show, followed by a thank you message for the actress.

So with such a following, Mack felt compelled to return to the series to tie off her decade-long arc in a very epic and conclusive way.

“I didnt feel comfortable walking away from the show, and my character, without a completion,” she said. “So I committed to doing five episodes to giving her the ending I think she deserves. I do think theres a relationship between my character and the people whove watched the show for so many years. I want to honor them, her and myself.”

Mack has been confirmed as appearing in the season premiere, “Lazarus,” and reports have indicated that the character may be on her way to becoming the next Dr. Fate, leaving Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) to pick up the pieces in Watchtower.

“Smallville” returns to The CW for its final season on Sept. 24.

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