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Red Sky Leads To Conflict, Turmoil

Second season of ‘V’ will deal with repercussions of the Red Sky and Fifth Column

Season 1 of the re-imagined “V” came as something of a mixed bag; it has an ambitious and exciting premise, but often lacked on the execution and follow-through.

For the upcoming second season, producer – and now showrunner – Scott Rosenbaum has promised to fix the problems that permeated the first season and is planning to tell a more structured and mythological show. One of the ways he is planning to do that is by focusing on the decisions made in the first season finale and dealing with the repercussions of those events.

In “Red Sky,” the Fifth Column scored a major victory against the Vs by converting Lisa (Laura Vandervoort) to their cause and eliminating the threat of Anna’s soldier offspring. However, that victory came with a hefty price: Anna succumbed to her feelings of loss, devastation and rage, subsequently transforming the Earth’s atmosphere, inadvertently tipping her hand in the process.

“There are two big things that happened in the season finale that need immediate attention: the Red Sky was released prematurely and Anna had a human emotion, which is not a good thing if you are a V,” Rosenbaum recently told SFX Magazine. “It’s not a good thing if you are a human, either, because it was a negative emotion of vengeance. Now she’s going to have to explain somehow to humans what Red Sky is, and although it’s incredibly bad for us, she’s going to have to figure out a way to sell it and regain the trust of humans.”

However, Anna will be fighting more than one battle when the series returns. Not only did her little slip cause a political and public relations nightmare with the humans, it also triggered doubts in minds of her followers … meaning she will have to get her own house in order before she can deal with humanity.

“At the same time, Marcus [Christopher Shyer] saw her have a human emotion and the rest of the Visitors know the Red Sky was premature,” he added. “So she needs to reassert her control as the leader.”

But what about Fifth Column, won’t they be turning the red sky into marketing gold? Not really, since a new faction in the resistance movement will cause a stir on Earth.

“Erica [Elizabeth Mitchell] is now going to have to deal with the fact that she was in some ways the one that lit the match that started the war, so how does she deal with that?” Rosenbaum said. “Plus the Fifth Column is now growing and there is going to be a faction of it that’s very radical. Our team is not that radical, so are humans fighting amongst each other? It’s going to be more of a problem for Erica because the more radical this group is, the more attention that is called to them, so the walls will keep closing in on her.”

“V” returns to ABC in November.

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