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Barrowman: I’m Staying In Wales

Despite U.S. recognition, ‘Torchwood’ star will remain a resident of Cardiff

He’s always said the 21st century is when everything changes. One thing that won’t change for the “Torchwood” star is where he calls home.

John Barrowman, who has signed on to appear in a ten-part season of “Torchwood,” will return to the United States as the internationally produced season migrates across the Atlantic and will raise the stakes with some of America’s finest talent. However, despite the transition, Barrowman isn’t abandoning Wales.

His British-based fans have feared that Barrowman would be waving goodbye to the place that has brought him so much success as Capt. Jack Harkness in order to pursue the glitzy world of Hollywood, particularly when the actor launched an American-style garage sale at his home in Cardiff. Fears mounted when the extent of the garage sale was made clear, and included entire rails of clothes, his Peugeot 407 estate and stacks of other household items.

“Im not moving, I love Wales too much,” he said, according to Wales Online. “Im just a regular citizen holding a normal garage sale to clear out a load of old junk and raise money for charity.”

The actor has recently enjoyed critical and audience acclaim for his recent appearance in “Desperate Housewives,” adding to that which he has already experienced for his extensive game and talk show duties. And, with rumors still floating around the web that he has been targeted as an addition to the cast of “Glee,” it looks like Barrowman is set for a varied career in the near future.

I can confirm that John is not moving to the U.S.,” his agent said. “He will be shooting ‘Torchwood’ over there for five months next year, however he will continue to live in Wales.

Too bad the same cannot be said for his co-star, Eve Myles. “Torchwood’s” leading lady and her family will move to the United States for the filming of the fourth season now that it has been given an international scope.

The plot of the 10-part series is still being concealed and details on what fans should expect are sketchy. Reports have confirmed that when Jack and Gwen go Stateside, their reputation will not precede them as it has done in recent years. Instead, Torchwood is seen as something of an urban legend.

Casting is underway for a character named Rex Matheson, who has been described as a 28-year-old “golden boy” of the CIA. According to the casting call, he will slowly integrate with the Torchwood team and defend the Earth in a spectacular style.

“As they race from one crisis to another, dodging assassins, blackmail, corruption and conspiracy, from Washington to Wales and the slums of Shanghai, Rex forges friendships in the heat of fire. He learns to trust his new colleagues. And they realize that this dangerous, dazzling, reckless man is the best friend they could ever have, in a world going to hell. They frighten us, men like Rex. We wish we were him; we never will be.”

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