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Bryan Fuller Joins Syfy For ‘The Lotus Caves’

‘Pushing Daisies’ creator will adapt popular novel for cable channel

“Wonderfalls,” “Dead Like Me” and “Pushing Daisies” were all known for their quirky humor, surprising levels of drama, wonderfully realized characters and a flawlessly creative execution. They also were canceled in their prime, much to the dismay of their respective fans.

None of those shows are likely to return anytime soon, but creator Bryan Fuller has now signed on for a new project that may at least provide a new vessel for his unique blend of entertainment. Syfy has commissioned a pilot for a series based on the book “The Lotus Caves” by John Christopher, and Fuller will script the episode.

If it goes to series, the show will feature a group of lunar colonists who stage what is tantamount to a revolution in order to explore areas of their home designated as off-limits. In the process, they discover a series of caves controlled by a race of super-intelligent non-Earth creatures.

The series marks just one of many new development deals bring pushed forward by Syfy, including an Americanized edition of BBC’s “Being Human” and a down-to-Earth comedy entitled “Saved By Zeroes” (starring “Smallville’s” Michael Rosebaum), as well as seven additional scripted shows, some of which will star former “Six Million Dollar Man” Lee Majors and “Andomeda’s” Kevin Sorbo.

The addition of “The Lotus Caves” to the Syfy lineup signals a clear shift in the cable channel’s attitude to provide imagination-based entertainment of a lighter nature. Syfy continues to enjoy ratings and critical success through “Warehouse 13” and “Eureka,” both of which feature a heavy element of humor and use comedy as a way to explore the characters of the series. “Saved By Zeroes” and “Being Human” also will feature a more comedic approach that should make the network more accessible to non-genre followers.

Meanwhile, the harder-hitting shows are harder to come by. “Caprica,” the spinoff from “Battlestar Galactica,” what many genre fans consider to be the most finely crafted series in channel’s history, is still awaiting official word on a renewal for a second season and the sophomore of “Stargate: Universe” is already in production and will air in the fall.

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