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‘V’ Gets Its Diana … Jane Badler Is Back

Veteran actress will have recurring role on ABC series in Season 2

Just her name gives you the shivers.

And she’s rejoining the hive ship.

Jane Badler, who gave evil a new (and beautiful) face, is rejoining the franchise, becoming a recurring character in ABC’s reimagined “V.” That character? Diana. Of course.

Showrunner Scott Rosenbaum revealed at San Diego Comic-Con last month that Anna’s mother would be making an appearance in the second season, adding more even more layers of dimension to Morena Baccarin’s character. When Rosenbaum admitted that mother’s name is Diana, the entire universe was unanimous on who that should be: Badler. Of course.

Although Rosenbaum couldn’t say who he had in mind for the role, TV Guide learned Friday that Badler would indeed be making several appearances on the ABC show this fall. According to the magazine, Diana is being kept in a part of the mother ship that is set up to look like the V’s home planet.

Badler introduced Diana to the world in the 1983 “V” telemovie, and revived her in a miniseries a year later, as well as a full-fledged television series that lasted 19 episodes on NBC, and was cancelled without much warning — so much that the show ended in a cliffhanger that had to be resolved in a comic book series.

After “V,” Badler moved on to “Falcon Crest,” playing Meredith Braxton for 22 episodes until 1987. She also played Shannon Reed in the 1989 remake of “Mission: Impossible.”

In more recent years, Badler has appeared in several projects, including one as Diana Lucas in the Andrew Dillon film “Resistance.”

In the meantime, get a little bit of Badler history. The actress appeared as a special guest on the Alpha Waves Radio forerunner SyFy Radio, which — believe it or not — aired two years ago Friday. Listen to what Badler had to say by clicking here.

In that interview, Badler said she would do “V” again — creator Kenneth Johnson was working on a “V” movie at the time. And what character would she play?

“I would play Diana, of course,” Badler said. “What else could I play?”

“V” returns in November on ABC.

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