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‘Crosshair’ Movie Coming Soon

Deal was struck over San Diego Comic-Con weekend

Apparently we fans arent the only ones with a reason to get excited at San Diego Comic-Con. Some major movie deals go on behind the scenes while we wait in line to see our favorite stars.

One of those movie deals is the major motion picture adaptation of Crosshair, a comic book centered around a former CIA assassin turned suburban superdad who faces his most dangerous enemy ever — himself.”

The superdad learns he has 48 hours until a suppressed program in his brain will turn him into an unstoppable killing machine aimed at the U.S. president. He races against the clock to uncover and reverse the source of his trigger.

If the premise sounds a bit like Wanted with just a hint of the Jason Bourne franchise, youre not wrong. Top Cow, one of the companies bringing Crosshair to the big screen, lit up the comic book industry with Universals adaptation of Wanted in 2008 starring Angelina Jolie.

What makes it different is from those two franchises is that Crosshair” is a unique premise in which the main character is both the hero and the villain. This dichotomy is very unsettling, which makes it a fantastic twist for audiences.

The deal between Mandeville Films and Top Cow was struck just as the San Diego convention was coming to a close. David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman of Mandeville said they learned about the comic book series just as Comic-Con was getting under way, and closed the deal a few days later for the series that was created and illustrated by Marc Silvestri, and includes the writing work of Jeff Katz plus additional illustrating by Allan Jefferson.

Though fans have certainly seen plenty of comic book/spy/assassin movies, the fact that the main character is both the hero and villain certainly makes it more intriguing. As long as the right man for the part is cast, the film will hopefully bring in the $207 million that “Wanted” did.

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