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Clark Will Don His Supersuit On ‘Smallville’

PLUS: James Marsters returns as Brainiac, alongside new villains

“Smallville has earned its stripes when it comes to teases, nudges and winks to the future of the character, not to mention the larger franchise.

And, before the final season is out, fans will finally see the transformation of Clark Kent (Tom Welling) into Superman … complete with his cape and tights.

How the series will end has been a hot topic of speculation for the last few years with fans offering a variety of different possibilities. However, according to Executive Producer Kelly Souders, the ending is something that producers have known for quite a while and will feature elements originally devised by creators Al Gough and Miles Millar, who both departed the series at the end of the seventh season.

“We have all known images and pieces of the finale for years and years and years, starting back with Al and Miles,” Souders told Blastr. “They had ideas that they always talked about being in the final episode, and we love those ideas. We want to also honor the creators of the show, so there will be some images that literally come from Al and Miles, some from us and some from just years of our own wish lists.

“In a strange sense it’s easy, because you know in that final moment he’s going to be Superman. We know where he ends, so the pieces just fall into place.”

Already Clark has discovered the majority of his powers (apart from flight, of course), defeated countless enemies and he has even adopted the crest from the House of El as his shield, so why isnt he Superman yet? Well, that is something Souders and company have spent tremendous time examining, and the transformation into Superman will be a key concept of the final season.

“When we sat down to talk about this season, we asked, Why isn’t he Superman today?'” Souders said. “We really looked at his character, and he’s been a leader and certainly developed his skill set as Superman, but he’s not Superman. If you watch the episodes right now, he’s not that guy yet, so it was about moving him to that final point, and figuring what are the stumbling blocks and the obstacles, which is what we are going to be seeing. And one of the things we talked about was his past, so we’ll see some ghosts from his past so he can have his final lessons from them and move on out of the dark mode into the light.”

Among that darkness has been a whole cadre of villains, including several from the larger DC universe. Lex Luthor, Zod, Brainiac and Doomsday already have been bested by the Man of Steel, and reports suggest that the Kryptonian hero will go head-to-head with Darkseid when the series returns in the fall. Assisting him in the final stretch of his journey will be some familiar faces, including Kara (Laura Vandervoort) and Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) … and the villains also will have some help from vanquished baddies.

James Marsters, who was recently introduced as a villain in Syfys Caprica, will return to reprise his role of the Kryptonian Brain Interactive Construct (or Brainiac, as he likes to be called).

“It will sort of be an old villain and a new villain all in one,” Souders revealed. “There were things that we really wanted to encapsulate in the 200th, and we literally sat around for days trying to bring it together, and suddenly Brainiac 5 popped in and it all fell into place.”

Smallville returns to The CW for its final season beginning on Sept. 24.

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