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‘Chuck’ Scores Terminator’s Linda Hamilton

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This story may contain spoilers for the upcoming season of “Chuck”

With another rousing Jeffster performance bringing down the house at San Diego Comic-Con, fans were treated to the lyrical sounds of Jeffster singing and dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” As a crowning touch, the video was concluded by Scott Krinsky and Vic Sahay appearing on stage to finish the performance in sync with the video. And just when everyone thought it could not be more hysterical, the remainder of the cast joined them for the final musical crescendo adding their distinct dance moves.

There is no doubt about it the cast of “Chuck” are the rock gods of Comic-Con.

Each year, “Chuck” delivers what many considers the most entertaining panel of the con, and this year was no exception.

“Chuck” has always remembered one key rule over the years: if they work with their fans, the fans will support them no matter what. As a result, the mutually symbiotic relationship has been fruitful for sides — the show stays on the air keeping its cast and crew employed, and the fans get more “Chuck.”

So as the show enters its fourth season, creators Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak know that to keep their fans frothing with excitement that casting Chuck’s iconic parents must be handled with the utmost care.

Last season, it was revealed that Chuck’s dad was to be played by Scott Bakula (best known for his work on “Quantum Leap” and “Star Trek: Enterprise”) and that announcement generated a wave of obsessive excitement.

This season, the surprise announcement that Chuck’s mom would be played by Linda Hamilton (best known for her role as Sarah Connor in the Terminator films) was beyond perfect. Some may call this kind of stunt casting pandering to the fans, but in the world of “Chuck,” this is simply a brilliant business strategy. Schwartz and Fedak clearly have a strong grasp and appreciation for what the fans want and work to make it possible on the show.

While it is still not clear what Chuck and Ellie’s mom has been up to and who she is working for, the search for her will be pivotal. Plus, with Chuck’s promise to Ellie to quit the CIA and the discovery of Chuck’s dad’s secret bunker of classified files, it looks like Chuck and Morgan will fly solo this next season to find out what good ol’ dad was up to.

It remains to be seen whether Chuck can resist the CIA and continue his own investigative pursuits untethered. Essentially, Chuck now has his own version of the “Bat Cave” and a “Robin” in the form of Morgan Grimes.

Other fun revelations were that Ellie and Awesome may be expecting a little bundle of joy to join their growing family, and that John Casey will get the chance to know his daughter, Alex. Yvonne Strahovski added that she is looking forward to finally getting to play happy after three seasons of cool detachment and reserve. Coming out about her and Chuck’s relationship has been great for Sarah’s self-confidence as she is now allowing herself to experience happiness.

With the mystery of Chucks mom, who she is and what she has been doing for the past decade, Team Bartowski undoubtedly will have its hands full and it is cool that the show continues to ratchet up the spy drama and yet still never loses its heart-warming core of the interpersonal interactions of this misfit bunch of Buy More representatives and CIA operatives.

“Chuck” returns this fall on NBC.

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