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New ‘V’ Battleground Involves The Children

ABC unveils what’s to come in Season 2

On “V,” the battle for Earth began last season. But this year, it will be a battle for its children

The cast, creators and writers of the ABC series shared with San Diego Comic-Con fans what to expect when the show returns later this year. The freshman outing ended with the murder of Anna’s children, and she screamed with such rage that Earth’s sky literally turned red. Just what the red sky means and what effect it will have remains to be seen.

However, throwing the fans a few teasers, it was revealed that Tyler (Logan Huffman) will find out who his birth father is, Jack (Joel Gretsch) will continue to question his faith and his belief that peace cannot be accomplished through armed resistance, and Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Anna (Morena Baccarin) will find that they have one thing in common: They are both losing their children.

Just as Tyler is seduced by the advanced technology of the Visitors, Lisa will continue to be handicapped by her emotions and empathy for the humans. This will push each further away from their own mothers and into the waiting arms of a surrogate mother figure. Tyler will align with Anna and Lisa will align with Erica — at least for a time. Children are fickle and their attraction and desire to find something relatable and to fill the void in their hearts will draw them into worlds diametrically opposite from anything they have ever known.

Another interesting twist and revelation is that Charles Mesure has been upgraded to series regular and will take a more prominent role on the show. Just exactly where on the spectrum of good and evil he falls is not yet determined. In a maneuver that shocked everyone last season he sold out the resistance for a hefty sum of money. But like Judas, he may ultimately regret taking the 30 pieces of silver in exchange for the lives of his new-found friends.

Hobbs may not yet realize it, but Erica, Jack, and Ryan have become a quasi-family for him. Hobbs surprisingly has trusted them enough to invite them into his life and once they are excluded he may be surprised to realize how much he needed them. They are not only the voice of reason, but the voice of humanity — and if Hobbs wants to retain his humanity, he will need to quickly decide which side he is on. He will also begin to recognize that money is no longer the currency that it was before the arrival of the Visitors. Such intangibles as loyalty, love and friendship may become the currency of the day in which he will suddenly find himself craving and seeking out. Man cannot live by money alone. Man must have human connections or longevity will be pointless.

So as the tug-of-war between Anna and Erica escalates for the souls of Tyler and Lisa, there will also be a power struggle in the resistance and it will be fascinating to see who comes out on top.

As a surprise reveal, producer Scott Rosenbaum shared that no one is safe and that fans should not get too attached to any one character. To help ratchet up the octane on this series, lives will no longer just be put at risk, but lives will be lost. After all, Earth is under attack whether it realizes it or not — and the body count will only continue to get higher. War does not discriminate. It will simply claim those that stand in its way or who are caught in the crossfire.

Despite the fact that so many intriguing sociological, theological and political ideas are currently being debated throughout “V,” the series also will try to keep the focus of the show on its ensemble cast and their increasingly interactive relationships.

Be sure to tune in for “V’s” second season when the show returns in November.

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