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Hugh Jackman Wants Taylor Lautner As Wolverine

X-Men actor supports Team Jacob for ‘First Class’ casting

Team Jacob or Team Edward is a question that has been bandied back and forth for a few years since the Twilight franchise became a household name. And, in a surprising revelation, X-Men actor Hugh Jackman has revealed he supports the werewolf.

According to E! Online, Jackman believes the Lautner should once again play a wolf onscreen, only this time it will be for the X-Men franchise.

There have been rumors that Lautner was being considered for a role in the prequel movie, suggesting that Twentieth Century Fox is looking to attract some recognizable names to the project … and Lautner certainly fits the bill. The report also indicated that the studio has checked with Lautner regarding his availability on the time of shooting.

The report has since been quashed as pure fantasy with confirmation that Lautner is concentrating on other films, including the next two Twilight films (the fourth and final novel, “Breaking Dawn,” is being split into two movies), John Singleton’s “Abduction,” and “Stretch Armstrong” from Hasbro and Universal Pictures.

Even so, Jackman would like to see the actor portray a teenage version of his Marvel alter-ego.

“My only question is, can he grow mutton chops?” Jackman joked. “Actually, I think people would probably prefer him as a hairless Wolverine than a rather hairy-chested version. Certainly about a billion young girls would.”

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