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‘Universe’ Will Cross Over With ‘Atlantis’

No word on characters, but episode will answer lingering Stargate questions

“Stargate: Extinction,” the television movie designed to follow the conclusion of “Stargate: Atlantis,” is still on the back burner with no sign of a release date in sight.

Luckily, fans of the “Stargate SG-1” spinoff won’t have long to learn how the events of the “Atlantis” finale have affected the show’s central characters as they prepare to cross over into the world of “Stargate: Universe.”

“With word from producer John G. Lenic that the deals have been closed on those ‘Atlantis’ alums, we can now move forward on the script, secure in the knowledge that both extra-special guest stars will actually be on hand to say the dialogue written specifically for them,” executive producer Joseph Mallozzi posted on his blog. “Great news for fans of the old series.”

There has been no confirmation on how many of the “Atlantis” expedition will make an appearance on the Syfy show, or what the overall plot of the episode will be. But, with familiar faces making an appearance in “Universe,” does that mean the proposed “Atlantis” movie is out of the question?

Not exactly … but it was definitely a barrier in making the idea a reality.

“There was a reluctance to move ahead with an SGA crossover, particularly on my part, because the feeling was it would step on the timing of the SGA movie, ‘Stargate: Extinction,’ the events of which directly proceed the Atlantis series finale, ‘Enemy at the Gate,'” Mallozzi said. “But given the delay on the movie front and the ideal premise pitched out by [‘Caprica’ co-creator] Remi Aubuchon and [executive producer] Brad Wright, it was decided to go ahead with the crossover.”

This means that chronologically, the franchise will unfold as “Stargate: Revolution” (the next “SG-1” movie), followed by the first two seasons of “Universe,” then finally “Extinction” … whenever it is produced.

Among the questions Mallozzi promises to answer are: Where is Atlantis now, are off-world missions being conducted from the city and how has the change of location affected the Pegasus-born characters?

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