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‘Eureka’ Returns With Trip Down Wormhole

Jaime Paglia and Colin Ferguson share a few sneak peeks from the Syfy show’s game-changing fourth season

There is a big game-changing twist coming to “Eureka,” and the show isn’t wasting any time introducing it as it pops up in the first two episodes of the new season, which begins Friday on Syfy.

In fact, during a recent conference call with reporters from news outlets that included Airlock Alpha, “Eureka” creator Jaime Paglia asked those who have already seen the first two episodes to be careful and not share what it is — with a wink and a nudge, of course.

That being said, it is no secret that former “Battlestar Galactica” baddie James Callis will be guest-starring on “Eureka” — though the exact nature of the role he is playing and how long he will be around has not yet been revealed. Also not much of a secret was how much Paglia and star Colin Ferguson admired Callis and were clearly his biggest fans — which would appear to be a two-way street since apparently Callis was one of the first (and most vocal) supporters of “Eureka.

“Its sort of preposterous how nice a man [Callis] is,” Ferguson said. “Hes like the sweetest guy in the world … he just extends himself so above and beyond for everybody.”

Ferguson also greatly admired how much energy and enthusiasm Callis brought to his role, which included researching arcane bits of history to help flesh out his character. It helped reinvigorate their time working together, and Ferguson found that to be a fantastic experience.

Paglia was no less thrilled with having Callis on board. “To have him … embrace the character that we created for him and to come over and be a part of our series, was really exciting for all of us.”

Suffice it to say, Paglia and Ferguson are not going to be the only ones tickled with the addition of Callis. The fans will be, too, once they meet his character in the riveting returning episode, “Founder’s Day.”

Commenting briefly on what to expect for this next season as far as storylines and character changes, Paglia shared that there would be some familiar faces returning, which include: Jaime Ray Newman (who plays Tess Fontana), Jordan Hinson (who plays Zoe Carter), and Matt Frewer (who plays Taggart). In addition to these well-known and beloved characters, they also will introduce episodes which feature appearances by Wil Wheaton, Jamie Kennedy and Allison Scagliotti from another Syfy show, “Warehouse 13.”

Paglia also confirmed that the “Eureka”/”Warehouse 13” crossover is going forward and that Neil Grayston’s character Fargo would make a trip to the world of “Warehouse 13,” and in return this leads to a visit by Scagliotti’s character Claudia to the world of “Eureka.” (The crossover episodes will air on Aug. 3 and Aug. 6 respectively.)

“Allison was fantastic,” Paglia said of Scagliotti, a recent guest on Alpha Waves Radio. “I think everybody loved her. I would totally keep her and, if I could figure out a way to steal her away from Jack Kenny without him coming over and pummeling me, I would do it.”

Paglia said there could be more crossovers between the two shows in the future, so long that it worked with the storylines and scheduling. But that won’t happen again this season at least.

Additionally, the Wil Wheaton episode will be an homage to the film “28 Days Later” and will air July 23. For those attending San Diego Comic-Con in a few weeks, Wheaton will introduce that episode for a special screening the same night it airs.

Commenting on what it was like working with Jamie Kennedy, Ferguson was quick to describe Kennedy as being the consummate actor who could deliver comedy on cue, but who was also prepped to do each take as straight or serious as needed for the scene. Like Callis, Wheaton is a huge fan of “Eureka” and kept prodding for a role on the series until his friend Amy Berg created one just for him.

As for the return of Zoe, Ferguson revealed that she will be back for more than one episode. He also shared that Jordan Hinson is pursuing other projects, and they have to work harder to fit in her tight scheduling. Paglia also made sure to emphasize that the Jack and Zoe father-daughter relationship is still vital to the show and that it will have a bit part to play later in the season. (The episode with both Hinson and Kennedy will air on July 30.)

With Hinson back, does that mean fans might see the return of Ed Quinn’s character of Nathan Stark?

“I think if the circumstances are right – Ill never say never,” Paglia said.

“Im really good friends with Ed and we always joke about bringing him back,” Ferguson added. “Well, I have no say in it, but it would be really funny to bring him back as his brother and call him Tony Stark and then just get mileage out of him having the same name as Iron Man.”

Daring to dream a bit, Paglia also shared that he would love to have William Shatner, Felicia Day and Edward James Olmos on the show, as well as Lee Majors appearing perhaps Carter’s dad on Eureka — and perhaps one day with the stars aligning, that could happen, too.

Eureka returns for its fourth season premiere on July 9 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy. Following it will be the series premiere of the Stephen King-inspired “Haven.” Get a look inside that show, along with Michael Hinman’s preview, by visiting our sister site, Rabid Doll.

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