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‘Stargate: Universe’ Will Get Darker, Tougher

Younger characters will step forward more in sophmore season

Who would’ve thought “Stargate: Universe” could get any darker?

Removing the fuzzy light-hearted overtures of “Stargate SG-1,” “Universe” feels like the Stargate franchise has grown up a bit and provides a very stark contrast on the consequences of one’s actions. And everything has consequences, as fans will learn when the second season airs in the fall.

Col. Everett Young, played by Louis Ferreira, in particular is in for a hard time.

“After everything hes been through – and it gets worse for him initially at the beginning of Season 2 – its impossible to imagine that a person wouldnt go to a very dark place at least for a short period of time,” outgoing executive producer Robert C. Cooper told SFX magazine.

Robert Knepper has already joined the series for a seven-episode arc for the first half of the season as a member of the Lucian Alliance that came through the gate at the end of the first season. Given his previous roles as a baddie, it isn’t hard to imagine Knepper mixing things up onboard Destiny and making everyone’s life just that little bit more difficult.

Cooper’s partner-in-crime, Brad Wright, also revealed that the semi-depressing nature of the series and the overall tone comes from telling a story of heroes in the making rather than the exploits of an intrepid team like the previous incarnations of the franchise. And with such a concept, it becomes easier to delve into the inner workings of the human condition as each character is flawed and caught between a rock and a hard place.

“When you try to adopt a more realistic tone, where frankly we dont win every time, then there have to be real-world repercussions like death and injury and loss,” Wright said. “You can dig deeper into characters and the deeper you dig the repercussions can get bigger. We are going to some places with these characters, and already have really, that we would never go with the heroes of our other series.

Also, unlike the previous Stargate shows, the protagonists of SGU don’t always present a united front. Case in point: Col. Young and Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle). Both characters have adopted leadership roles on the ship and tend to act like a squabbling couple … leaving the younger characters caught in the middle.

And, Season 2 will see those younger characters step up a notch and take control of their own destinies a little.

“Stargate: Universe” returns in the fall on Syfy.

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