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Peter Jackson In Talks To Take Over ‘The Hobbit’

Despite protests from his people, Lord of the Rings director appears to be back

A lot of names were discussed on who could succeed Guillermo del Toro in the director’s chair for the two “The Hobbit” movies. But in the end, it seems the studio could not even imagine having anyone else do it except Peter Jackson.

The director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is reportedly in deep negotiations to take over the director’s chair, despite adamant denials from the people around him. This could get production underway in 2011, and will ultimately interlink Jackson with author J.R.R. Tolkien even more.

Mike Fleming with Deadline New York says that Jackson is currently trying to unravel himself from other projects so that he can helm the two planned Hobbit films (one being based on the original Tolkien book, while the other will be an original piece meant to fill the gap between “The Hobbit” and the Lord of the Rings trilogy).

Getting Jackson on board seems to be highly important because it could convince MGM — which is undergoing some significant financial struggles, and who has a key role in these films’ production — to release the funding necessary to get filming started. Filming has been delayed several times, one of the reasons that del Toro was originally pushed from the project.

Also, having Jackson on board will help with a very smooth transition in production leaders, especially since Jackson has been a part of the overall development of the Hobbit films from the start. He had also been working on “Tin Tin” with Steven Spielberg, but will likely have to scale back some of that work since the two Hobbit films are expected to to take at least the next three years to complete.

None of this has been confirmed by the studios or Jackson’s people, so it should still be treated as any rumor would.

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