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Robert C. Cooper Leaves Stargate Franchise

Will continue in a consultant role on ‘Stargate: Universe’

He started with “Stargate SG-1” as a writer and script editor back in 1997, and more than 13 years later, he’s remained one of the powerful voices behind one of the genre’s most venerable franchises.

But now, executive producer Robert C. Cooper is moving on.

Cooper will leave “Stargate: Universe” next month, wrapping up an amazing career with the franchise that also included “Stargate: Atlantis” at a panel at San Diego Comic-Con next month. Considering the fact that 13 years on a single franchise is considered an eternity in show business, Cooper said there’s nothing wrong, just a call to try out other things.

“I’m not leaving completely, actually — just stepping back to more of a consulting role for the end of this season,” Cooper told GateWorld after fellow executive producer Joe Mallozzi broke the news on his blog. “We’ve already developed most of Season 2, and I feel confident leaving the show in good hands.”

Cooper’s contributions to the Stargate universe are immeasurable. He led the production of “SG-1” in its later seasons after he co-created “Atlantis” with Brad Wright. He developed the Ori to serve as the bad guys in the final season of “SG-1.” And he was part of the decision to take Stargate in a new direction a few years ago, that led to the development of the current Syfy series “Universe,” which is currently producing its second season.

His influence will still be felt through most of the next season, which begins in the fall. He wrote “Aftermath,” which airs in October, and has another episode he has both written and directed called “Malice.”

Mallozzi dispelled some joke rumors over why Cooper was leaving in his blog, but did add some thoughts about someone he has worked alongside for years.

“We’ll miss him but we’ll see him off, buoyed by his innumerable contributions to the franchise and secure in the knowledge that whatever is next for him — be it the opera or training for a UFC title bout — he’ll be successful,” he said.

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