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‘Fringe’ Pilot Director Heads To ‘Terra Nova’

The highly-anticipated new Fox series strives to live up to the hype with its pilot

Fox’s new show “Terra Nova” already has been given special treatment, most likely due to having Steven Spielberg as a producer.

It’s even being billed as “produced by Steven Spielberg” every chance it gets. In fact, it was even ordered to the standard 13-episode series back in April when networks were just beginning to consider pilots.

And now it has writer/director/producer Alex Graves to give it another edge.

For those who remember the buzz “Fringe” had back when the pilot first leaked, this will probably please you greatly. Graves directed the then much-hyped episode of “Fringe,” and with “Terra Nova” being an even more reportedly high-concept series, one can expect this pilot to be talked about even mnore.

The actual plot of the series is that of a futuristic family from 2149 that travels in time back to the pre-historic era in an attempt to save their dying world. It’s an ambitious concept, at the very least.

Current plans are for the series to premiere the week after the Super Bowl in 2011, but not directly after the big game, which airs on Fox this year. That’s because the network has already said that “Glee” — and not the traditional new series — will air immediately following one of television’s biggest annual single events.

Graves was a co-executive producer for NBC’s “The West Wing” between 2002 and 2004, and also was an executive producer on “The Nine” and “Journeyman” before making his big outing in “Fringe,” which recently earned a third season despite the ratings erosion caused in part by its move to the heavily competitive Thursday timeslot.

No casting for the series has been announced.

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