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TV Guide, Together Again … Kinda

New deal keeps the two companies separate, but content sharing will resume

If you’re an entertainment news junkie, it might have been a bit confusing over the last couple years when dealing with TV Guide.

That’s because on one hand, you’re dealing with TV Guide, the magazine. On the other, it was a website that used to serve TV Guide the magazine, but no more, but was still called TV Guide.

Luckily, that confusion has now ended.

A new partnership between Open Gate Capital and Lionsgate will allow content from TV Guide the magazine return to, the first time the two will do anything together since Macrovision sold the two sides as separate pieces in 2008. Although both companies will remain separate — as will the advertising and editorial departments — but content will be shared, as well as promotional opportunities between the website, the magazine and the TV Guide Network.

Unfortunately for Open Gate Capital, having a separate website from the primary domain name never worked for the magazine publisher. The site, pulled in just 103,000 visitors in April compared to 7.8 million who stopped by, according to Advertising Age. Many readers didn’t even know that the magazine and the website were two different entities, and many continued to visit thinking they were visiting the magazine’s website.

“We’re doing this so we can do more together than apart, particularly in the area of driving readership, viewership and visitors to the various platforms,” said Jack Kliger, a senior adviser to Open Gate Capital, to AdAge.

Open Gate purchased TV Guide for $1 (and assumption of debt) while the website and the cable channel sold for $255 million to Lionsgate. That company, known more for its movie and television production, sold a 49 percent state of the website to One Equity Partners a short time later for $123 million.

It’s not clear when the editorial share will take place. Neither site seemed to show any indication of cross-promotion or story sharing early Monday afternoon, and neither site even picked up the story talking about the partnership from AdAge.

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