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Who Do You Think Should Be Nominated For A Portal Award?

Readers are being asked who they would nominate if they had a chance

As the 2009-10 television season draws to a close, the Portal Awards International Nominating Committee is gearing up its own season to choose the best television shows, movies, Web productions, actors and more that will make the final nominating ballot for the 2010 Portal Awards.

This is the 11th year of the awards, which allows Airlock Alpha readers to vote once per day for 30 days beginning June 25. But before that voting can start, the nominating committee needs to present a list of those eligible to receive a vote, and that’s where you come in.

The Nominating Committee is trying to find out who you would like to see nominated in the 15 categories. Would it be Eric Stoltz from “Caprica”? Maybe Nina Dobrey from “Vampire Diaries”? Or maybe the recent season finale of “Supernatural” should be recognized?

It’s all up to you, and this is your one chance to have an influence on the Portal Awards Nominating Committee. Just send your suggestions to, and please include what city and country you’re from. We will then forward those suggestions directly to the committee, and it could make a difference whether your choice makes it to the final ballot or not.

On top of that, one lucky recommendation will be singled out to win a prize from Airlock Alpha: The entire first season of the former SciFi Channel series “Farscape” on DVD (a $40 value).

We are only accepting nominations through the end of May, so that doesn’t give you much time. Start thinking about your favorites you’ve seen on television, movies and online since June 1, 2009, and e-mail them out right away so that they can be sent to our Nominating Committee.

Our categories include:

Best Actor/Television — The star of a science-fiction, fantasy, horror television series
Best Actress/Television
Best Supporting Actor/Television — Actor in a supporting role in a science-fiction, fantasy and horror television series
Best Supporting Actress/Television
Best Special Guest/Television — Actor or actress who made a powerful or memorable guest appearance in a television show
Best Episode/Television — What outing of your favorite show caught your eye?
Best Series/Television — For shows that have aired episodes on television since June 1, 2009
Best Actor/Movie — Any actor from a genre movie that premiered since June 1
Best Actress/Movie
Best Movie — Genre film that premiered after June 1
Best Young Actor — Any actor in a television show or movie under 22 that impressed you
Best Web Production — Any genre production, fan- or studio-made, that premiered on the Internet first, and did it after June 1. Entire series that premiered at least one episode after June 1 is considered
Best Web Site — Your favorite genre site that is not any operated under the BlipNetwork, like Airlock Alpha
Gene Roddenberry Award — Who in the genre, living or dead, should be honored for this lifetime achievement award. Past winners (who can not be nominated again) include Gene Roddenberry, George Lucas, Leonard Nimoy, J.R.R. Tolkien, Joss Whedon, Steven Spielberg, Stan Lee, James Doohan, J.K. Rowling and James Cameron
Rod Serling Award — Our brand new category honoring classic genre programs. This honors only shows that have been out of production for at least 10 years, and are not past winners or part of our charter class. Our charter class includes the original series of “Star Trek,” “Twilight Zone” and “Doctor Who”

So get those suggestions to us, and get ready for the 2010 Portal Awards coming in late June to Airlock Alpha!

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