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Still Hope For ‘Heroes’ On NBC?

Network president says don’t count it and ‘Chuck’ out just yet

Viewers may have forgotten about “Heroes,” but that doesn’t mean NBC is about to forget about it just yet.

NBC Entertainment president Angela Bromstad said “Heroes” hasn’t been completely counted out of the network’s 2010-11 schedule, and the one-time signature drama could find life as a half-series sharing a timeslot with “Parenthood.”

“With serialized shows like ‘Parenthood’ and ‘Heroes’ that don’t perform well in repeats, we could be looking at shows sharing the same time slots,” Bromstad told The Hollywood Reporter‘s James Hibberd, noting that one show would air in the fall, and the other in the spring. “I wouldn’t count anything out. With shows like that, we really have to sit down and figure out all the pieces of the schedule.”

However, it does seem like NBC is keeping its distance from serialized dramas, and instead, looking for programs with more self-contained episodes. “The Cape,” a superhero-style series with “Human Target’s” Simon West attached. The show won’t have characters with superpowers, but instead have characters that will dress up like superheroes to help those in need.

“It looks fantastic,” Bromstad said of the pilot. “We just saw it with special effects today. It’s closed-ended, and the hero catches the bad guy every week. Decisions are still outstanding, though, because we haven’t gotten back our [audience] testing yet.”

Hope continues for “Chuck,” which took over “Heroes” timeslot on Mondays. It’s NBC’s highest-performing Monday show, although — like many of the network’s programs — it’s regularly beat by the other networks.

“We look at it as a very strong player, and it’s a show that matches up with our new shows,” Bromstad said. “It’s too early for me to say for certain [that is will be picked up] as it’s a conversation we’re going to have next week.”

But still, until NBC — which will finish in last place among the Big Four networks once again — has its upfronts later this month to pitch its schedule to advertisers, no show that hasn’t already earned a renewal order is safe.

“We made a lot of pilots and the teams worked incredibly hard,” Bromstad said. “Fortunately, we have a lot to choose from. We have great concepts and actors, and found some great new faces. We want the best of the best … the most original breakout comedies and dramas. That’s what we’re aspiring to.”

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