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Parents Fear ‘Doctor Who’ Is Too Scary Now

New showrunner wants fans back behind the sofa

This story contains some spoilers from “Doctor Who” that have aired in the United Kingdom, but not yet in the United States.

The United States hasn’t seen it yet, but the recent two-parter of “Doctor Who” that aired on BBC featured the Weeping Angels, the characters created by new showrunner Steven Moffat during “Doctor Who’s” third season in the popular and Airlock Alpha Portal Award-winning episode “Blink.”

This weekend, vampires will invade the British airing of the series, which has some parents wondering: Is “Doctor Who” getting too scary for kids?

The series has always been geared for a family audience, with the classic series adding the caveat that it should be scary. Some of those scares were replaced with higher drama and action when Russell T. Davies revived “Doctor Who” in 2005. But now that he has departed and Moffat has taken over, the scares are back, according to The Daily Mail.

Parents have taken to the Internet, of course, to express their concerns. One viewer said she would’ve had the “living daylights scared” out of her if she were watching it at 10 years old. Another thought children might not be as scared of moving statues because they’ve become more desensitized to such things, according to the British newspaper.

However, more complaints seem to be coming in not from the scares, but some of the sexualization.

Some parents aren’t happy about Karen Gillan’s attire as Amy Pond, The Doctor’s companion, and were even less happy about Pond’s efforts to seduce Matt Smith’s Doctor in a recent episode, reminding producers that there’s no sex in the Tardis.

“Many children look up to ‘Doctor Who,’ so what message are you sending out to young girls and boys?” One viewer asked, according to The Daily Mail. “Why not change the record and bring in intelligent, classy women?”

“Doctor Who” airs Saturdays on BBC and BBC America.

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