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‘Doctor Who’ Pregnancy Remains A Mystery

SPOILERS: Just who is the father of the baby we’ll meet this season?

This story contains spoilers.

“Doctor Who” gets a little raunchy towards the end of its fifth episode, with Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) literally throwing herself at The Doctor (Matt Smith) on the night before her wedding.

And a few weeks later, the character will be pregnant.

Don’t panic, The Doctor is not the father … but there is still a question of who is. Over the last couple weeks, there have been reports that the series would feature a pregnancy plot and that has recently been confirmed as being an episode set five years in Pond’s future.

As like all seasons of the show, the companion’s family will feature heavily in the developing story and the upcoming “Vampires of Venice” will bring Amy’s fiancé, Rory (Arthur Darvill), on a time travelling adventure of his own. Of course, the whole reason for bringing him onboard the Tardis is to serve as something of a cold shower for Amy.

“Viewers will have to wait and see how the pregnancy came about,” a source told The Mirror newspaper. “But as always with Doctor Who, things are not always as they appear.”

However, even Darvill doesn’t know if he is the father.

The scripts I read bore very little relation to the ones that were finally produced,” he told Wales Online. “They changed all the significant details so I couldnt spill the beans if I didnt get it.

The episode, “Amy’s Choice,” is set to air in the United Kingdom in May 15 and will follow a few weeks later on BBC America.

“Doctor Who” airs weekends on both BBC and BBC America.

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