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There’s No ‘Torchwood’ Without Capt. Jack

Scripts are written and will continue the existing story

The “Doctor Who” spinoff series has received a fantastic ratings result for the BBC in the United Kingdom, so much so that now the American Fox network is apparently courting Russell T. Davies regarding a possible Americanized version of the show.

Is Fox really interested in “Torchwood”? If so, it won’t happen without Capt. Jack.

Actor John Barrowman, who originated in the “Doctor Who” two-part outing “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances,” has revealed that although nothing official has been said to him regarding the possibility of carrying the series to an American networks, he knows talks are in progress and he will be a part of them. After all, there is no “Torchwood” without Capt. Jack, he said.

I know that there are discussions happening right now with some American networks,” he said. “Thats all I know. Julie Gardner and Russell T. Davies (the executive producers), have said there will be no Torchwoodwithout John Barrowman as Capt. Jack. So Ill be there and Im just waiting to hear like everybody else.”

The big question though is how would an American benefactor change the omni-sexual character with a dark past? Not by much, according to Barrowman. Apparently, if the series does cross the pond, then it will involve scripts that have already been penned by Davies (presumably for use on the BBC) and they will pick up exactly where “Children of Earth” left off.

I know scripts are written. Thats all I know, he said. But I dont know when. I dont have an answer for you. Im waiting to hear.

If it was going to happen, there would be hopefully Russell writing it. There would be no change to Captain Jack. He would still be the same sexually charged character that he is, and it would pick up from where it left off.”

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