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Ron Moore Interested In Returning To Star Trek

‘Battlestar Galactica’ developer has ideas to make franchise strong again on the television

When he walked off the Paramount lot in 1999 following a brief stint on “Star Trek: Voyager,” it seemed Ronald D. Moore would never again return to the franchise that helped give him his first big break.

That may change, however, as 11 years later, Moore has hinted about a possible reintroduction to Star Trek.

Moore, who had become a celebrated writer and producer on “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and was later one of the leading innovators on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” as an executive producer, was supposed to help bring “Voyager” — which was languishing in the ratings under showrunner Brannon Braga — to a level that hadn’t been seen in the franchise since DS9 ended.

But Moore’s stay didn’t last long — all of two episodes to be exact — and fans wondered what he would take on next.

His career since then has been stunning. After spending time on “Roswell,” Moore took over showrunning duties for the critically acclaimed HBO series “Carnivale,” but left that show after a single season to take on “Battlestar Galactica” for the former SciFi Channel full time.

Now Moore has become one of the biggest names in science-fiction, including with the “Battlestar Galactica” spinoff “Caprica” that has won some new critical praise for Syfy, and unlike his short time with “Voyager,” could bring the strongest voice yet to a possibly revived Star Trek television franchise.

“I’d seriously consider it,” Moore told Den of Geek in a recent interview. “I think, at the moment, the franchise is in good hands. J.J. Abrams has a really good take on it. I thought the last move was very good. I’m confident that he’s going to chart a direction for Star Trek for the foreseeable future.”

Although there were a few bad memories toward the end of his time with Star Trek, Moore still drew a lot of his strengths from his time in the franchise. Plus, more than a decade of separation can usually heal a lot of wounds.

“Working at Star Trek all those years really was the place that I learned the craft of television writing in story, in plot, structure and character,” Moore said. “It taught me how to write and produce TV. When I came to ‘Battlestar,’ I also decided I wanted to beak all the rules that Star Trek had about how it did stories. From the beginning, we decided that if Star Trek did something, ‘Battlestar’ was not going to do it. And we would try to, in every way we could, make a different show than what Star Trek did.”

What would be interesting now is what exactly Moore would do to help the Star Trek franchise. CBS Corp., which holds the current rights to the television franchise, has not indicated it was working on any television projects revolving around Star Trek, although Moore is not the first to express interest in reviving the franchise.

It’s likely, however, that any new series would fit more in the new timeline established by Abrams in his 2009 movie to help create a better tie-in with the films. But even then, any new project would likely not get off the ground before Abrams produces and releases a sequel to last year’s blockbuster.

In the meantime, Moore is attached to two projects, according to Internet Movie Database, including a sequel to the Will Smith headliner “I, Robot,” and an untitled project with Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner attached as producers.

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