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‘Defying Gravity’ Wins Fan Votes Despite Cancellation

Series is the only one to receive nominations in all Constellation Award categories

Co-produced by the BBC and Fox Television Studios in association with Canada’s CTV and Space networks, “Defying Gravity” promised to be a very human tale against the back drop of humanity’s exploration of the solar system.

It was cancelled, but that hasn’t stopped Canada from honoring it with one of its newest awards, the Constellations.

From the onset, it was classed as a “‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in space” and featured a blend of both soap-opera style drama and science-fiction entertainment to become a new sub-genre in its own right. There were interconnecting personal relationships, love triangles, mysteries, ominous threats, and political intrigue. Essentially, it had the best of both worlds.

ABC, the shows only American carrier, adopted the series as part of its summer lineup and proceeded to broadcast only eight of the 13 episodes as ratings for the series dwindled. Some blamed the network’s lack of advertising for the poor performance. Others took a more hard-line approach, proclaiming the very setup to be flawed.

“Defying Gravity’s” subsequent international reception wasn’t much better. When it finally aired on BBC Two in the United Kingdom, the series never received a solid timeslot and after dancing around the weekly schedules eventually settled on the graveyard slot – – Tuesdays at midnight.

Despite the lack of viewer attention, the series did receive considerable critical acclaim ranging from the realistic design of the Antares craft to the overall fresh feeling of the whole premise. And, recently, the show was named as the only series to make a clean sweep at Canada’s Constellation Awards.

The Constellation Awards are Canada’s annual sci-fi honors designed to recognize excellence within the genre. “Defying Gravity” has managed to achieve nominations in all six television categories

Ron Livingston, who played Maddux Donner, was nominated for best male performance in a 2009 sci-fi series and will be going up against names like “Doctor Who’s” David Tennant and “Supernatural’s” Jensen Ackles. His on-screen romantic interest, Laura Harris, also has been nominated for the best female performance. She will square off against Amanda Tapping (for her work on “Sanctuary”), Lena Headley of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and Michelle Ryan, who appeared in “Doctor Who’s” first 2009 special, “Planet Of The Dead.”

“Defying Gravity” also is up for the best sci-fi series of the year (facing “Stargate: Universe,” “FlashForward” and “Supernatural”) as well as best script, technical accomplishment and most outstanding Canadian contribution to the genre.

Nominations for the awards were based solely on votes by fans, meaning that although the series has come to an end, there are plenty of people out there that would have liked to see it continue on for a more natural conclusion.

To read more about the Canadian Constellation Awards or to view the full nomination lineup, click here.

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