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BBCA Offers Free First Look At New ‘Doctor Who’

Nine glorious minutes are now available for download via iTunes

The new season of “Doctor Who” has already premiered in the United Kingdom, earning critical acclaim for its newest stars and writing team. And soon it will come to BBC America.

But, before it does, the shows American-based fans will have a chance to view a sneak peak on what to expect from the latest episodes. The American branch of the BBC has launched a free “First Look” video onto iTunes which features the first nine minutes of the new series starring Matt Smith as the infamous Time Lord.

In the new season, Smith crash lands the Tardis after the final confrontation with The Master and his old friends from Gallifrey in “The End Of Time” and soon becomes involved in the life of a young Scottish girl named Amelia. As he finishes “cooking” and the Tardis repairs itself, The Doctor discovers a terrible truth that will haunt the child for years to come.

Other episodes this season include the return of Daleks and Cyberman (both of which were re-tooled under the watch of Russell T. Davies), and reports also suggest that the Silurians will be re-introduced. Newer featured creatures such as the Weeping Angels (who were originally created by new showrunner, Steven Moffat) also will see more development.

And, before the episodes finally commence broadcast, fans will be able to have a personal Whovian experience through a series of events taking place in New York. Special screenings will take place and fans may even have the chance to speak with the show’s current stars.

For more details on the New York screenings, read some of Airlock Alpha’s previous coverage by clicking here.

To download the first look preview via iTunes,click here.

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