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No gay character in ENT

Keating tells Web site that his character will be straight

Photo courtesy of the United Paramount NetworkIf there ends up being a gay regular character on “Enterprise,” it won’t be through the previously-rumored Lt. Malcolm Reed, the weapons officer on the ship.

Dominic Keating recently told Julia Houston at that his character may get a romantic interest down the road, but it definitely will be someone of the opposite persuasion.

“They’re not going to make him the first gay character on Star Trek like I read in TV Guide,” he said. “They said that I would be the first gay character on Star Trek. And I (was) like, what? I’m playing another poof, I can’t believe it. Will this follow me around for the whole of my career?

“Not to say it disparagingly, but I have played a lot of gay characters because I’m good at it, I guess. But no, I don’t think he’s going to be that. And, seven years we’ve got to go and I would aminge they’ll have us run the whole gamut.”

Houston’s complete column can be found by clicking here.

In other news, Keating also recently appeared at a convention in Portland, Ore., and told fans there that he was worried about his character being shaken up a little too much.

“He semes to be beat up every other episode,” reported Airlock Alpha contributor Kipli of Keating’s appearance at the convention. “In one [episode] to come, he gets his butt kicked by a ‘super model’ Klingon female. He mentioned he would have to talk to producer rick Berman about it since everyone must think Reed is a huge wuss.”

Keating also talked about a recent interview he had (no, not the one with Airlock Alpha), where he was interviewed by a “techi-trekkie.”

“They launched into questions about how the weapons worked and this and that,” Kipli said. “He quickly admitted all he knew about the torpedos were that they were grey. Then he also stated that none of the cast were any good with the props, but (Connor) Trinneer (Cmdr. Trip Tucker) was the worst. He broke three phase pistols during the filming of the first episode.”

For Kipli’s complete report, visit her Web site by clicking here.

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