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New Twists May Lead To More ‘V’

Executive producer Scott Rosenbaum introduces elements he hopes will renew the show

You’ve seen the original series, so you know what will happen in the new “V,” right?


“V” executive producer Scott Rosenbaum tells SFX Magazine he has a plan in place that will lead to the series being renewed for a second season. And it all starts with the personal lives of the core four characters.

“You essentially have only four people who know that these aliens hovering above 29 major cities are actually here to do evil,” he said. “Worse, they can’t tell anybody so they are bearing a great weight. So one of the things I wanted to add is how their regular lives are affected. The more you can mix the characters’ lives up, the more complicated everything becomes. So I am weaving these people together now.”

When “V” last aired, it ended with Tyler (Logan Huffman) joining the Vs and their peace delegation (an event being greatly anticipated by the Vs themselves), as well as the formation of a new liberation movement on Earth. However, with the son of one character who is arguably the leader of the movement now in bed with the aliens, not to mention a V with a pregnant human girlfriend, the resistance isn’t so clear cut.

“Chad is going to start becoming involved with the human resistance as well, so he’s going to be pulled in both directions,” Rosenbaum said. “With Father Jack, he’s a great priest, so where is his moral center going to go? And Ryan is fighting for the resistance, but he has a pregnant girlfriend, so what takes priority in that? Everyone is going to be pulled and twisted. It’s about creating as much realistic conflict as possible.”

When the series returns, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) is placed in mortal danger after an assault at home, and the resistance will work to bring in a new member. Meanwhile, up on the Manhattan Mothership, Anna (Morena Baccarin) begins to have doubts over her beliefs regarding Chad (Scott Wolf), who hasn’t checked in after his medical procedure.

“V” returns March 30 on ABC, with a clip show broadcasting on March 23 charting the events of the first four episodes, including the arrival of the Vs and their impact on society.

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