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Is Syfy Planning Another ‘Battlestar Galactica’ Spinoff?

Cable channel is talking with Ronald D. Moore on a new project

“Caprica” is slowly growing an audience for Syfy, despite performing a bit below expectations. But that’s not stopping the science-fiction cable channel from looking for yet another project they can set in the “Battlestar Galactica” universe.

Mark Stern, the network’s executive vice president of original programming, told The Hollywood Reporter that he’s been chatting with BSG and “Caprica” executive producer Ronald D. Moore about a possible third series in the signature franchise.

“We’re looking for other ways to spin off ‘Battlestar’ beyond ‘Caprica,'” Stern said. “That world is so rich. We’re sitting down with Ron Moore and his team. It would not necessarily be a traditional series.”

“Traditional” is a word that could have so many meanings. Some might say BSG wasn’t a traditional series, and others could say “Sanctuary” — before it was picked up by Syfy — may not be traditional, either. So what exactly could the project entail? And would it be on the tube, or maybe online?

Either way, Stern isn’t talking.

At Tuesday’s upfronts in New York City, Syfy is expected to share details on a new 90-minute pilot for a series somewhat similar to one they’ve already announced.

Called “Three Inches,” the pilot is from Fox Television Studios, and is being helmed by writer Harley Peyton and executive produced by Bob Cooper. Peyton is best known for his writing and producing work on the 1990s series “Twin Peaks” while Cooper has worked mostly on comedy projects in the past like “Mr. Woodcock” and “John Tucker Must Die.”

The story centers on an underachiever who can move things with his mind, but only for three inches. He ends up recruiting other heroes, all with minimal abilities as well.

It’s slightly similar to “Alphas,” which will be more a drama and less comedic, but also feature a team of superheroes.

“‘Three Inches’ is a fun, smart, offbeat spin on the superhero genre,” Stern said. “It’s a very post-modern approach, with a really wonderful tongue-in-cheek script.”

“Caprica,” in the meantime, continues its initial run on Syfy, with episodes airing Fridays at 9 p.m. ET. It is rumored heavily to be close to a second season renewal.

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