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Police Helping In Search For Andrew Koenig

Fear mounts as son of ‘Star Trek’ star remains unaccounted for

Actor and comedian, Andrew Koenig – the son of “Star Trek’s” Walter Koenig – is missing and his family fears the worst.

According to a statement on Walter Koenig’s official Web site, Andrew has been unaccounted for since Valentine’s Day, where he was last seen in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was apparently visiting friends in the Canadian city but never boarded his return flight bound for Los Angeles on Feb. 16.

“He went up to [Vancouver] to visit friends who last saw him on the 14th,” his sister, Danielle Koenig, told Zap2it. “Any information we can get on his whereabouts would be helpful.”

The actor, who is best known for playing Boner in ABC’s “Growing Pains,” is believed to be suffering from depression and the Vancouver police are now investigating his disappearance.

According to the Koenig Web site, Andrew was last seen at a bakery in the Stanley Park area of Vancouver, and the Koenigs said they will head to British Columbia to help with the search this week.

Koenig has been very active since his “Growing Pains” days, performing at The Improv, and works as a camera operator for “Never Not Funny.” He has had a number of roles in different movies and television shows, including “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” “My Sister Sam,” “Adam-12” and “21 Jumpstreet.” He has been an activist his entire life, most recently fighting for the people of Burma, even being arrested in 2008 for protesting American involvement in China’s Olympics.

The former “Star Trek” star said the police “have been kind, sensitive, generous and just extraordinary. Two of their investigators are working tirelessly today on their day off. They have been wonderful and I ask people to call the number from the Vancouver Police Department … if you have any information.”

Koenig also said that during this time of searching for his son, he is asking that those helping to spread the word not pay too much attention to rumors or gossip.

“So many times when these kinds of reports about behavior and habits come out, there are insinuations that are untrue,” he said. “Andrew has no narcotic habit.”

If anyone has seen Andrew Koenig, e-mailed him, or had any contact with him after Feb. 14, or anyone who spent time with Koenig in Vancouver who has not yet talked with the local police, call Det. Raymond Payette at (604) 717-2534.

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