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AlphaBits: Michael Shanks Set To Make Two SGU Guest Spots

PLUS: Star Wars universe invades Star Trek universe!

There’s no such thing as too much Daniel Jackson, and as long as there is some Stargate series out there, Michael Shanks will be a part of it.

Shanks has proven that statement true as he is set to appear in two more episodes of “Stargate: Universe,” including the penultimate episode “Subversion” that will lead into the first season finale.

Shanks will share screen time with Richard Dean Anderson, his former “Stargate SG-1” co-star, according to TV Guide Magazine.

However, that won’t be the next time we see Shanks, according to GateWorld. Daniel Jackson will make an appearance in “Human,” which will delve more into the background of our pal Dr. Rush, played by Robert Carlyle.

“My character exists more as a figment of Dr. Rush’s imagination,” Shanks said.

Both episodes will come after the mid-season break when the series picks back up in spring.

In the meantime, “Stargate: Universe” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy. — [GateWorld]


Beep-beep-boop: Well that certainly didn’t take long.

Let a Star Wars fan direct the latest “Star Trek” movie, welcome back Industrial Light & Magic to do the special effects, and what do you get?

An R2-D2 cameo, of course.

ILM has confirmed to Gizmodo that the little waste basket droid that followed C-3PO around somehow ended up in a galaxy far, far away from where he came from.

R2-D2 shows up in a debris field when the Enterprise comes out of warp at Vulcan. Don’t believe us? See the picture by clicking here.

Yes, yes, we know, you shouldn’t mix the two universes. But having R2-D2 show up in a Star Trek film is actually quite damn cool. At least for me.

But then again, I never got into the whole Trekkie/Warsies battle. I like both franchises. — [Gizmodo]


William Shatner’s scene revealed: Well, we had R2-D2 in “Star Trek,” but unfortunately there was no Denny Crane appearance.

To be honest, I didn’t want to see the writers of the new “Star Trek” movie insert Kirk a la “Star Trek Generation” just to do it. But after reading the scene provided by TrekMovie, it’s actually not a bad homage to the actor who helped make Kirk an icon.

Shatner would’ve showed up as a hologram that Spock Prime (played by Leonard Nimoy) brought with him into the alternate universe. The older Spock would give the hologram to younger Spock in the scene toward the end of the movie where the two met.

Curious to what the older Kirk had to say? click here to find out. — [TrekMovie]


‘Star Trek’ on iTunes sucked: I am a member of the Church of Steve Jobs, and I loves me my iTunes. But I have to say, the whole iTunes download of the new “Star Trek” movie with its so-called “exclusive” special features really sucked.

Seriously. I’ve never, ever thought about asking for my money back from an iTunes purchase, but I’m really thinking about doing it here.

If you buy the iTunes version, you do get a couple of special features, but at least the one about the music of the movie can be found on the Blu-ray version. How do I know? I was so disgusted by the iTunes download, I went out and bought the Blu-ray version, which is so much better.

Shame on you, iTunes. Shame. — [Airlock Alpha]


‘V,’ ‘FlashForward’ viewers waiting: A lot of people are finding the new ABC series “V” and “FlashForward” far more interesting when they don’t have to watch it with commercials, apparently.

The two shows have witnessed considerable audience boosts when DVR playback is factored in, with “V” getting the best numbers with an additional 2.4 million viewers, according to The Nielsen Co. That is the best of any freshman show, and is really only behind “Grey’s Anatomy,” which adds 3.1 million viewers through DVRs.

“FlashForward” isn’t doing too bad itself. That show gains 2 million viewers through DVR watching, the second largest gainer among freshman shows, and sixth overall.

“V” seems to be in good shape to at least complete its season, and Airlock Alpha is starting to hear rumbling that ABC and Warner Bros. Television are looking forward to the second season already with an announcement coming possibly by the end of the month on some future plans.

But the boost has to be good for “FlashForward.” Whether it will be enough to help it see a second season, we’ll have to wait and see. — [J-ENT]


No crazy typos coming to Japan: It looks like sci-fi viewers in Tokyo will never have to worry about spelling their genre a different way.

NBC Universal is allowing Fox International Channels to handle management of SciFi Channel in Japan, according to Variety. Of course, a name change could be coming still to Syfy, because although Fox will run day-to-day, NBCU doesn’t appear to be giving up its ownership stake.

There are a lot of viewers in Japan, however, with viewership up to 2.5 million television households. And that since April 2008.

SciFi Channel Japan airs shows such as “The X-Files,” “Jericho” and “Eureka,” along with local programming. — [Variety]


Holiday viewing on Syfy: Have you decided what you’re going to do once you’re stuffed with turkey?

Forget the football. Turn on Syfy instead. The cable channel is planning a four-day, 34-movie marathon that will include 16 James Bond films, that wacky Z-movie stuff like “Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus,” and the premiere of its original movie “Beyond Sherwood Forest,” a Robin Hood story starring Robin Dunne from “Sanctuary.”

That movie will air Nov. 28 at 9 p.m. ET focused on the Sheriff of Nottingham (Julian Sands) using a young woman who is cursed to live in the form of a dragon, to hunt down and kill a Robin Hood.

But the fun starts Nov. 26 at 8 a.m. with “Dr. No,” the first-ever 007 movie. It will all end with the Syfy premiere of “Casino Royale” at 9 p.m. that brings us to our current James Bond played by Daniel Craig.

So stuff yourself on turkey, and watch some Syfy. — [Airlock Alpha]


Gay superhero wears spandex: it’s not exactly television and movies, but it is comic book-ish at least, right?

A brand new comic book is launching called Spandex that will make Superman want to find his own changing room.

The book will feature an entirely gay superhero team including a transvestite named Liberty, a lesbian Wonder Woman named Diva, a male dazzler named Glitter, and more.

Maybe we should stop there? Nah, here is everyone: Prowler absorbs the abilities of gay people, Indigo is a beautiful French teleporter, and two strong twins called Mr. Muscles & Butch.

And this isn’t me saying this … this is the press release: “Every issue you can see the team beating off such enemies as Muscle Mary, Pussy and the Pink Ninjas.”

Hey, I didn’t say it!

The first bad-guy, however, is not even a guy. It will be the 50-Foot Lesbian. I’m really not making this up.

“Gay people in comics are fairly under-represented, but this new comic aims to address that,” said Martin Eden, the comics creator, who failed to add why this has to sound like the most stereotypical gay project since … well, ever.

“‘Spandex’ introduces a whole bunch of fabulous new characters who are set to take the comic world by storm. It’s a fun, experimental comic, full of drama, comedy, romance and action … all done in the best possible taste.”

If this is something that tickles your fancy, check out the first issue available now at — [Airlock Alpha]

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