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‘Torchwood’ Close To A Fourth Season

Series creator Russeell T. Davies insists that Jack will be back

The “Children Of Earth” miniseries ended on quite a downer. So down, in fact, that it could quite conceivably have been a series finale.

Not so, says series creator Russell T. Davies. “Torchwood” will definitely be back.

The recession has hit British television,” he explained to TV Guide magazine. “But fingers crossed, it will be a go. We expect things to start to move in January.”

Davies has always insisted that he has a plan for the future of the show, and even when the miniseries concluded, he revealed that he even had an idea for the fourth season ready to present to the BBC should they give him a call. Of course, it comes as no surprise that the Beeb is very much interested in an additional season of the show thanks to some stellar ratings which grew as the five-part adventure unfolded earlier this year.

“Weve got great ideas for the show,” Davies said. “I think theres a further lease on life for many years to come, but certainly for a [fourth season].”

While some might be questioning whether or not star John Barrowman will return to reprise his role as Capt. Jack Harkness, Davies made it clear that this is the star of the show.

If 2010 is too long to wait for a Capt. Jack fix, however, fans have no further to look than “Doctor Who.” Barrowman has a role in the final episodes of David Tennant’s tenure and will help smooth over the transition of introducing a new Doctor.

“The Waters Of Mars” airs this Sunday on BBC, and will air in December on BBC America.

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