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Olympics Forces ‘Lost’ To Break Up Final Season

UPDATE: ABC isn’t talking about schedule, but one TV vet says it’s unlikely

The desire of Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof to have “Lost” run uninterrupted when it starts its final season in January won’t come to pass after all.

No, it’s not a scheme by The Others. Instead, it’s the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Olympics are being shown on NBC, but ABC isn’t interested in competing with the games, even though it will all take place during February sweeps, according to Abramsology. That means the show will start in January, run through about mid-February, take a few weeks off, then return in March, the executive producers said.

Once the show returns, it will continue uninterrupted until its series finale in late May, most likely around May 19.

“Lost” likely won’t suffer at all for the delay, but ABC has been happy with its format in the past of running “Lost” uninterrupted at mid-season, similar to what Fox does with “24.” Because of some of the hype surrounding the show’s final season, there is a hope by the network that ratings will pick up, at least to third season levels.

ABC has yet to announce when the show will premiere in January, but most likely will air Wednesdays in the timeslot currently occupied by “Hank” and “The Middle,” although it could also air at 9 p.m. where the new comedies “Modern Family” and “Cougar Town” air.

The “Hank” and “The Middle” block is averaging a 4.5 rating/8 share in overnights from The Nielsen Co. while “Modern Family” and “Cougar Town” are averaging a bit stronger 5.8/9. “Lost” averaged a 5.8/9 in the Wednesday 9 p.m. timeslot last year.

UPDATE: Matt Webb Mitovich of Fancast said he was told by several sources that it’s too early yet to have a finalized version of February’s schedule. However, “I’m a tad skeptical that ABC would take a knee versus the games in the name of ‘protecting’ a show that’s in the final stretch.”

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