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Controversy Brews Over Roddenberry Mac

Auction company a little confused about computer’s history

Here is something you might be interested in.

Not only can you own the computer that Gene Roddenberry likely used in putting together the characters and story ideas of “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” but this computer has an even more intriguing history: It was the first Macintosh Plus ever made by Apple Inc.

Except there’s one problem: It wasn’t the first Mac Plus ever made.

Profiles In History, one of Hollywood’s more prolific auction houses especially when it comes to the best from the television and movie industry, has had to back off from previous statements that Roddenberry’s Mac Plus was the first one off the assembly line. Apparently, there are no shortage of legends surrounding the late creator of “Star Trek,” even today some 18 years after his passing.

So here’s the scoop. The Mac Plus was definitely given to Roddenberry in the late 1980s from Apple, but the “0001” serial number is not exactly all it seems.

A spokesman for Profiles In History said the Mac was actually a 128 model, and was the 776th computer off the line. However, Apple then upgraded the computer to a Mac Plus, and gave it a new serial number that wasn’t actually a real serial number. The “0001” confused auctioneers preparing the computer for its October sale, who thought Steve Jobs had given the Great Bird of the Galaxy the first Mac Plus ever made.

Maybe Apple should’ve simply made the serial number “1701”?

Profiles In History doesn’t believe that diminishes the value of the computer, however. It still demonstrates the “powerful synergy between technology and entertainment,” according to a press release from the auction house.

It has an estimated sales price of $800 to $1,200, and comes with a signed letter of provenance from Eugene W. Roddenberry Jr., his son with the late Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

“This is the personification of life imitating art,” said Profiles In History president Joe Maddalena, in a release. “Gene Roddenberry’s vision inspired countless people to pursue careers in science and aerospace. This milestone computer, given to Gene by Apple’s innovators, is a symbol of this synergy.”

The auction where this Mac will be offered will take place Oct. 8-9. Details about this item and others in the auction can be found by clicking here.

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