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‘Defying Gravity’ Not Quite Cancelled

Fall season pushes drama series off the radar, but it doesn’t mean ABC has thrown in the towel quite yet

Fear not, followers of the Antares. ABC has not canceled “Defying Gravity.” Not yet, anyway.

That news may not be as comforting as it was intended to be, though, as the summer science-fiction series has vanished from the ABC schedules after only eight episodes, leaving its viewers dangling by a thread at the prospect of discovering the truth about the Antares mission and the mysterious “Beta.”

Set in the near future, “Defying Gravity” is considered a “Grey’s Anatomy” in space with complex character backstories and intermingled relationships thrown into a life-or-death scenario. And, since its premiere on ABC, the show has taken a hammering in the ratings with the first episode pulling in a disappointing 2.4 million viewers.

Like many shows, “Defying Gravity” has since suffered additional ratings erosion and recently hit an all time low with its latest episode, “Love, Honor, Obey” which drew 1.6 million viewers.

The show’s publicist, Nicole Marostica, has recently confirmed that series has not been canceled and will in fact return to ABC’s schedules once the network finds a place for it. Apparently, the decision to remove the series was not one of malice but instead the result of poorly timed scheduling as the new fall season has now commenced and “Defying Gravity” is currently occupying a sought-after slot.

Production on the first season has already completed with a total of 13 episodes for air. Many viewers have speculated that the show will not be around long enough for a second season to be commissioned, however that decision will not lie with ABC.

Although often credited as a product of ABC (its official site is considered the ABC Web site), the space drama actually is an internationally developed television series and is produced by the BBC in conjunction with Fox Television Studios and Omni Film Productions. The production is being carried out in association with the Canadian CTV and Space networks, meaning that even if ABC choose to ax the show, the series could conceivably continue without their support.

However, without ABC’s involvement, such a move would become more and more unlikely unless another American suitor is found.

The Canadian and U.K. scheduling of the show is not expected to be affected by the ABC re-scheduling.

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