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Amanda Tapping Ready For More Stargate

Can’t wait to slip back into the fatigues of her iconic character, Samantha Carter

Amanda Tapping said earlier this week that the new Stargate straight-to-DVD movie could begin production as early as this fall, and she’s looking forward to it.

I will slip back into Sam Carter very nicely, Tapping said.

Martin Wood, a co-producer on Stargate SG-1, a supervising producer on Stargate: Atlantis, and an executive producer on Sanctuary (along with Tapping), will again direct the new DVD when he’s available.

“They asked me to direct the ‘Stargate SG-1’ movie, and they are waiting until [‘Stargate: Universe’] is finished, and then, of course, they ask me when I’m available,” said Wood, “Then that may get done by the end of the year. That’s what everyone is hoping, at least.”

Tapping and Wood have both kept busy with their show, Sanctuary on Syfy. The show is quite a bit different from Stargate as Dr. Helen Magnus runs a sanctuary for mysterious creatures that show up on Earth and need a safe place to live. Not only is Magnus physically different from Carter, but she’s also an academic and a mother.

I dyed my hair and changed my accent and made it so that I don’t look at all like Carter. I needed to reinvent myself as an artist, so it was a challenge, Tapping said on the differences between the two strong female characters. I had to have more eccentricities and walk with stilettos.”

Don’t let the stilettos fool you – Dr. Magnus on Sanctuary is tough, intelligent, and knows how to deal with whatever crazy creature wants to find it’s way to her sanctuary this week.

As for an Atlantis movie, Wood says he’s ready and willing when they approach him, but it’s still only in talks for this year.

“Stargate: Universe” premieres on Syfy Oct. 2, featuring a cameo of Tapping as Samantha Carter.

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