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‘V’ Remains Creation Of Kenneth Johnson

Writers union rules against Warner Bros. for upcoming remake

Production officially shuts down Wednesday on the ABC series “V” for a couple weeks while some creative issues are cleared up.

One thing that is for certain, however: The new “V” will retain the creation credit for Kenneth Johnson.

Johnson’s connection to the ABC series was maintained earlier this week through an arbitration hearing hosted by the Writers Guild of America after Warner Bros. Television claimed the new show, headed by “The 4400’s” Scott Peters, was so different from the original, the studio didn’t need to include Johnson’s name in the credits.

“The WGA informed my office yesterday that the arbiters had ruled that the new series is indeed a remake,” Johnson told Airlock Alpha. “I am told that because of that decision, my ‘created by’ credit will be reinstated and locked on all episodes of the new series.”

Where that creation credit will run — whether it be in the beginning or end — is another issue altogether, but apparently is not one being heard by the Writers Guild. Other remakes in the past have either put original creation credit in the beginning or end, depending on the show. For instance, the Star Trek spinoff series put Gene Roddenberry’s creation credit in the opening title sequence, while Syfy’s “Battlestar Galactica” placed a creation credit for Glen A. Larson at the end. However, Larson was given a creative consultant credit at the beginning of each episode.

“Naturally, I felt it was a just decision and I was pleased,” Johnson said. “My heart was most gladdened, however, by the great outpouring of support from friends and fans around the world on my behalf. People sent me links to the most wonderful postings that were on the many ‘V’ Web sites.”

The new “V” series stars Elizabeth Mitchell from “Lost” and Morena Baccarin from “Firefly” and “Stargate SG-1.” It is set to premiere in November on ABC.

And like Bryan Singer, Johnson said he is moving forward on plans to create a motion picture based on his original “V” concept despite the new series. The “affection and faith” of those who supported Johnson during the WGA arbitration is a “further inspiration to me and my co-producers who are working hard to secure the right financial deal” that would make a new “V” movie possible.

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