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‘Supernatural’ Takes Three Portal Awards, ‘Star Trek’ Surprises

Catherine Tate upsets Mary McDonnell in Best Actress category, while ‘Dark Knight’ gets a split win

Give it up for “Supernatural,” The CW series that once again dominated the Airlock Alpha Portal Awards, sharing honors in what turned out to be a diverse field.

“Supernatural” repeated wins in Best Actor/Television with Jensen Ackles and Best Series/Television, while “Monster at the End of This Book” earned top honors in Best Episode/Television.

Also winning an award once again was the popular fan site in the Best Web Site category.

But this year’s Portal Awards, which were voted on through tens of thousands of votes from readers over a 30-day period, didn’t come without its surprises. Catherine Tate — who many had maligned prior to her single season as the companion on “Doctor Who” — gave that series its first ever major acting category award as she surpassed last year’s winner Mary McDonnell of “Battlestar Galactica” in the Best Actress/Television category. In fact, “Battlestar Galactica” went completely empty handed for its final season, its best finishes as second for Best Actress/Television and second for Best Web Production for “Face of the Enemy.”

The series, which ended its run on SciFi Channel this past spring, finished as the runner-up in the Best Series/Television category, but its votes weren’t even close to that received by “Supernatural.”

The only awards “Doctor Who” has won in the past were for Best Episode/Television, which included “Parting of the Ways” in 2007 and “Blink” in 2008. This year, the popular episode “Turn Left” was one of the contenders, but finished as a distant runner-up to “Supernatural.”

Michael Emerson took the lone “Lost” award in Best Supporting Actor/Television to repeat his triumph in that category from last year, but beat John Noble from “Fringe” by just 150 votes, the closest of any of the categories. Summer Glau from “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” won the Best Supporting Actress/Television category, beating out runner up Olivia Williams from Joss Whedon’s Fox series “Dollhouse.”

But “Dollhouse” didn’t go empty-handed. Alan Tudyk, from “Firefly” fame, won Best Guest Star/Television for his work in the “Dollhouse” episode “Omega.” He beat out a tough Billie Piper from the “Doctor Who” episode “Stolen Earth.”

“Sarah Connor” picked up a second award in the Best Young Actor category as Thomas Dekker ended “Heroes'” Hayden Panettiere’s two-year rule at the top of that category.

For films, as expected Heath Ledger won Best Actor/Movie for his work as The Joker in “The Dark Knight” while Gillian Anderson from “The X-Files: I Want to Believe” beat out Cate Blanchett from “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” for Best Actress/Movie.

The real surprise, however, came for Best Movie. Although “The Dark Knight” — the second-highest grossing film of all time — was thought to be a shoe-in, it seemed that more recent films were fresher on voters’ minds, and allowed “Star Trek,” the latest film from J.J. Abrams and the 10th of the franchise, to win top honors in that category.

Two non-surprises were in the Best Web Production and the Gene Roddenberry Lifetime Achievement Award categories. As expected, “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” easily defeated “Battlestar Galactica: Face of the Enemy” while James Cameron earned more votes than H.G. Wells to take the Lifetime Achievement award.

For a look at the past 10 years of the Portal Awards, click here.

Here is a list of the winners:

BEST ACTOR/Television
WINNER: Jensen Ackles, “Supernatural
RUNNER-UP: David Tennant, “Doctor Who”

WINNER: Catherine Tate, “Doctor Who”
RUNNER-UP: Mary McDonnell, “Battlestar Galactica”

WINNER: Michael Emerson, “Lost”
RUNNER-UP: John Noble, “Fringe”

WINNER: Summer Glau, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”
RUNNER-UP: Olivia Williams, “Dollhouse”

WINNER: “Monster at the End of This Book,” Supernatural
RUNNER-UP: “Turn Left,” Doctor Who

WINNER: Alan Tudyk, “Omega,” Dollhouse
RUNNER-UP: Billie Piper, “The Stolen Earth,” Doctor Who

WINNER: Thomas Dekker, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”
RUNNER-UP: Hayden Panettiere, “Heroes”

WINNER: Heath Ledger, “The Dark Knight”
RUNNER-UP: Zachary Quinto, “Star Trek”

WINNER: Gillian Anderson, “The X-Files: I Want to Believe”
RUNNER-UP: Cate Blanchett, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

RUNNER-UP: Whedonesque

WINNER: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
RUNNER-UP: Battlestar Galactica: Face of the Enemy

WINNER: Star Trek
RUNNER-UP: The Dark Knight

BEST SERIES/Television
WINNER: Supernatural
RUNNER-UP: Battlestar Galactica

Gene Roddenberry Lifetime Achievement Award
WINNER: James Cameron

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