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Singer Tapped To Direct Big Screen ‘BSG’

Movie will have nothing to do with television series or ‘Caprica’

Just because Syfy still have big plans for “Battlestar Galactica” as a television franchise it doesn’t mean that Universal can’t continue with the franchise in another way: for the big screen.

Universal, the parent conglomerate that includes Syfy, is working on resurrecting the 1970’s science-fiction series again in a big screen adventure that exists as a completely separate entity to the television series. That means fans shouldn’t expect any familiar faces from the series to make an appearance.

And what’s more, the studio is apparently close to signing “X-Men” helmer Bryan Singer to helm the movie and will be working in conjunction with the original series creator Glen A. Larson, who has been working with the studio since February.

Interestingly though, this is not the first time that Singer has been involved with the franchise. Back in 2001, the director was adapting the franchise for a new television series for Fox, only instead of a re-imagining, the tale would be a direct sequel to the original series. The budget for the pilot spiraled and the network eventually pulled the plug when many of the story concepts paralleled the tragic events of 9/11.

The rights then landed at Universal where Ronald D. Moore was able to have his way with the franchise, successfully developing a 4-hour mini-series, four television seasons, two television movies and now a prequel spin-off.

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