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Studio Fought Hard To Bring ‘Dollhouse’ Back, Joss Whedon Says

PLUS: The creator says he may have renewed a different Friday night show on Fox

The Fox network may be known as the network that celebrates instant hits and tosses aside those that don’t get quick followings by audience, but it had to approach “Dollhouse” a little differently last spring.

The series was created by Joss Whedon, the man who had a few years back brought them “Firefly,” which they never really gave a chance, and has since become a cult hit. And if the plug was pulled too early on “Dollhouse,” they may lose yet another chance on what the potential of the show is.

“I’m not a hit guy, I’m a slow burner guy,” Whedon told Airlock Alpha and other reporters on the red carpet of the Syfy/Entertainment Weekly party at San Diego Comic-Con last month. The studio gets that and “a longer term investment is worth it. We want to shake it up and they love us.”

That doesn’t mean that “Dollhouse” will continue the same route it did last season. There will be some differences, Whedon said.

“Budget-wise no, but I think changes will be noticeable because we’re trying to do something that is much more cinematic and visceral and really live inside the stories,” he said. “I was really disappointed in our ability to get inside the virtual sense of the experience, and so I made some mistakes, and this is not a diss on the crew. They did a great job, but I think I need to loosen up the way I work a little bit.”

Although Whedon is dedicated to “Dollhouse,” he did admit that if there was left up to him to choose what show survived Friday night, he might not have picked his own. Instead, he would’ve picked “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.”

“I am an apocalyptic future nut. I love that stuff,” he said. “I can never get enough of it. If they had put a gun to my head and told me to choose, I would say renew ‘Sarah Connor.’ I wasn’t trying to imitate it but it’s definitely in my vocabulary.”

There are two other projects that involve the Whedon name in the works, but the man said he was only going to be taking part in one of them.

“We are working on another story for Doctor Horrible,” Whedon said. “We haven’t done any venue or format, but we’re dying to do this again. We want to do this a little different this time, but it’s coming along, and that’s all I can say.”

But that’s not the same he can share about a potential “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” movie being planned without him that would ignore the television series that ran on The WB and UPN.

“We were officially approached, but that is other people’s deal and I’m not getting into it,” Whedon said.

Is he worried that the new movie might tarnish the strong reputation he built with the television series after the misstep of the original 1992 movie?

“No,” Whedon said. “It’s like when I wrote Astonishing X-Men, there were a lot of X-men books, and some real good. But you can’t worry about that. This is yours.”

“Dollhouse” returns to Fridays this fall on Fox. To see the complete red carpet interview with Airlock Alpha where all this and more is discussed, click here now.

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