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Almost A ‘Warehouse 13’ Without Eddie McClintock?

PLUS: Some special guests making their way to Syfy show

Eddie McClintock almost didn’t get cast on Syfy’s new hit series “Warehouse 13” because he bombed his final audition.

McClintock recalled to an audience at San Diego Comic-Con last weekend that he had a freak-out attack during his final audition for the role of Secret Service agent Peter Lattimer when it was down to the wire between him and one other actor. All McClintock could think about was the fact that he had just come off of a number of failed television shows and he said really needed this job badly.

“I had two squawking bird chicks at home and I needed to provide them with a worm,” McClintock said of his two children, including the recent birth of his second son. On top of that, he had just seen one of the show’s producers come out and put his arm around the competition, so he thought it was over.

That’s when the panic attack set in.

Joanne Kelly, who was part of a different audition team, said she found McClintock “profusely sweating and shaking.”

“I had to talk Eddie off the ledge,” she said.

Thus, it was during a 30-minute excruciating wait that they bonded to such a strong degree when they were called in together for their first time, their electric chemistry was apparent from the start. However, they both admittedly blew their lines and lost their concentration, and thought they had lost the job.

But because of their instant bonding and willingness to stick up for each and work through their mistakes, the producers saw the magic that makes a television series work — these were two people who liked each other and were willing to work together no matter how bad it got. It was instinctive and just the secret ingredient what the producers were looking for.

For they showed that they would help each other through thick and thin — which would be essential for the key core relationship between their lead characters, and which the executive producers and network suits when they needed to launch a pivotal new science-fiction show. It is perhaps the most unusual way to get a job: Have a near breakdown and blow the audition.

However, it worked, and now the audience is reaping the benefit every Tuesday, as both McClintock and Kelly use their Secret Service characters for the special assignment of protecting the world from mystical objects that do more harm than good when unleashed on the world at large.

The other key secret ingredient for “Warehouse 13” is the amazing artifacts. In creating the show, David Simpkins said he put extra care in designing the warehouse, and each and every artifact so that it was a real three-dimensional object, and not just some computer-generated illusion.

The design and production of each artifact costs thousands of dollars because of the special design work done by the show’s props department. When asked about whether they were ever tempted to touch the artifacts, McClintock, Kelly and co-star Saul Rubinek all sheepishly admitted that they found the artifacts irresistible and loved playing with the fun “toys” in Artie’s office.

Starting this week a new character, Claudia — played by Allison Scagliotti — will be introduced. Scagliotti plays the computer hacker that has plagued Artie and, after she learns about the warehouse, Artie is not certain what to do with her.

Rubinek shared that in order to keep her quiet, his character will begin to mentor Claudia which will provide Artie a chance to grow a bit more into the adult he needs to be. Scagliotti also shared that she has a secret agenda which will be revealed over the next few episodes.

In other fun news, look for appearances by two series regulars from “Eureka:” Neil Grayson and Erica Cerra. “Battlestar Galactica” favorite Mark Sheppard has been cast as a regular in the role of one of the mysterious Regents as Mrs. Fredericks boss.

And last, but not least, watch to find out Arties secret: “It will knock your socks off!”

“Warehouse 13” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy. Also, check out Michael Hinman’s red carpet chat with McClintock and Kelly at the Syfy/Entertainment Weekly party at San Diego Comic-Con by clicking here.

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